Porsche CEO: Plug-In Hybrid 911 Coming In 3 Years


You might want to take a seat for this one.

The Porsche 911, arguably the most iconic sports car in existence today, will soon get electrified.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo

Yes, that’s right…the Porsche 911 is getting a plug.

Porsche CEO Matthias Müller:

“Unlike purely battery-electric powered cars, with a plug-in hybrid there are no range problems.”

“But at least equally important for Porsche is the possibility to enable extremely sporty driving with the additional electric powertrain and consequential boost in performance.”

“We will keep doing that in the future. With the next generation of the 911, in about three years…”

So, when the next-generation Porsche 911 comes along, at least one version will sport a plug-in hybrid setup.

We expect the PHEV version of the 911 to follow Porsche’s plug-in hybrid naming convention of S E-Hybrid, so it’ll likely be called the Porsche 911 S E-Hybrid.

In 3 years, when the PHEV 911 arrives, Porsche plug-in vehicle lineup will look like this:

  • Porsche 918 Spyder (limited production, likely sold out in 3 years)
  • Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid (mass production)
  • Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid (mass production, expected to launch in 2016)
  • Porsche 911 S E-Hybrid (mass production, expected to launch in 2017)

Porsche resides under the Volkswagen Group umbrella.  VW Group, for the first time ever, has show a strong recent commitment to plug-in vehicles.  For proof of that one need look no further than Porsche’s commitment to electrify nearly every vehicle in its lineup.

source: Motorline & Autohaus

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2.5l Boxer ICE w/400hp combined to a >100hp motor and oh yea baby!

I saw somewhere VW boss said they want to be the world leader in electrified vehicles by 2018.

Let’s cheer for eGolf the coming months, it will be make or break.

The eGolf is another 80-mile EV, currently costs as much as the i3, and is even slower than the Leaf. VW didn’t even try making it a compelling car.

The real make-or-break car for VW is the Golf GTE.For the next 5 years, PHEV is where VW will find success, not EVs.

Parallel hybrids are unnecessarily complex and doomed by rapid battery development.

For a bulk of user profiles eGolf should be the striker.

The GTE should be coming in a couple of months, it will be a real time battle.

It will definitely not be make or break. They already have the succesful e-UP and the electrification will go on no matter how the e-Golf does, even though it will be almost all PHEV’s.

But, I hope the e-Golf does great of course =) I think it will be the EV that reaches 1000 units per month the fastest yet. And soon a hot contender to the Leaf.

This shows what I expect will happen with most car companies over time. They will continue to roll out more PHEVs until the whole line is PHEVs and slowly killing of plain old ICE. At the same time there will continue to be more BEVs increasing in size and range that will at first supplement PHEV lineup and then eventually replace it. It may not be as quick as we would like to see it, but it will happen.

At the very least, regular hybrids will go extinct. There’s simply no justification for them to be around with today’s battery prices.

I’ve never been a fan of the looks of any Porche vehicle, but if they made a sporty BEV with 200 miles of range, my ears would perk up. It is pretty much a go-kart so it wouldn’t take much battery to go 200 miles.

Porsche’s are essentially evolved VW Beetles, much like the difference between Goldfish and Sharks. Goldfish are cute– but I’ve always loved the more predatorial windswept looks of the Porsche…

It saddens me greatly they won’t go “Full BEV”. Every automaker meeds to go “Full BEV”. *Tropic Thunder Reference*


The guy that designed the 911 designed the beatle – His name was fredrich Porsche. They are not remotely equivalent in modern guise.

Adding motors to a porsche simply makes sens, more torque for that 0-30 burst, or passing accelerstion. Porsche is working on a bev roadster, but the 911 phev is pure sports car.

*Ferdinand Porsche.

I think you missed the metaphor…

Anon, I work for a German company. We are forbidden to use metaphors or have a sense of humor. 🙂

Butzi Porsche, the grandson of the Ferdinand Porsche (VW Beetle designer) designed the 911.

The electrification monster is slowly taking over everything. Resistance is futile.

It is great to see Germany finally going plug-in big time . . . VW/Audi/Porsche, BMW, and Daimler/Benz/Smart all have plug-in vehicles on the market. For a while it seemed that Germany was really dragging its feet. But now they really jump in .. . and Japan is looking like the laggard.

Toyota and Honda we’re looking at you. Anyone care to bet when then will throw in the towel and announce a BEV and a decent plug in hybrid? I reckon within three years.

I grew up lusting after Porsches. Now compared to a Tesla it looks like a toy car.

My ultimate car is an electric Miata. In fact that would probably be the last car I would buy in my life. That car ruled my sex life for 15 years…

For something small & sporty, if this thing existed and had a plug, they couldn’t take my money fast enough.


Unfortunately too cool to be made by Chevy…

I said that about the Ford Evos (if it was a Bev and not a phev). Cool car though. I see the mustang concept is looking more like it now.

Meh porsches are overrated, dont care

“People who think Porsche cars are overrated” Now that truly is a 1% club.

Add me to that club. Never ever felt the slightest urge for a Porsche.

I really would like to see Chevy do this with the corvette with the same range as the volt and the ability to dc fast charge. One can only dream.