Porsche CEO – By 2030, Even The Sportiest Of Porsches Will Be Electric

Porsche Mission E


Porsche CEO talks about the automaker’s future and how it related to the brand’s identity.

Porsche Chairman of the Executive Board Oliver Blume participated in a rather lengthy interview, which was recently shared on the automaker’s media site. It seems these Porsche exec interviews are starting to become a regular occurrence. It’s likely due in part to Volkswagen Group’s rocky reputation with regards to the “dieselgate” scandal, added to the fact that the Group continues to flood the press with announcements, but no progress.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

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Blume forecasts that there will no longer be any ICE Porche’s by 2030. He even goes so far as to say that, by then, the iconic 911 will likely be electric. This is not to say that for the time being, the brand won’t continue to utilize gas powertrains, but the increase of parallel ICE and alternative drive setups is expected.

When asked about the upcoming 2019 Mission E and the automaker’s emission-free efforts, Blume shared:

Well over a year ago, we switched all our plants to 100% natural electricity sources, which underlines how seriously we take sustainability. The Mission E will not only redefine the high-performance e-vehicle segment, it will also give a boost to Germany as a technology producer and thus to possibilities offered by electromobility in general. The vehicle will be a trailblazer for the mass appeal of e-vehicles. It will set standards and will represent motion in more than one sense. The only things that the Mission E will not offer are boredom and forbearance.

The CEO believes that in order to adapt and be successful with this imminent change in the automotive sector, you have to be diligent, spend lots of money, and take large risks. He also insists that you need a persuasive team of experts with passionate ideas and a willingness to change. For example:

To take one example, one of Porsche’s roots is motor racing. We are currently transferring our experience and lessons learned from decades of motor racing and thousands of victories from our sports-car prototypes to Formula E. We are thus taking on a new challenge but remaining true to our past: for us, motor racing exists to help us build better cars for road use. Formula E is exactly the same – it is the ultimate laboratory for our electrification strategy.

Blume has an immense amount to share. To read the entire interview: A strong brand – a clear identity … Digitalisation, connectivity, electromobility,” follow the source link below the gallery.


Prototype Porsche Mission E out testing with Teslas
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Remember how just a few years ago they were all screaming “Nobody wants electric cars!” at the top of their lungs?

Funny how some little upstart named Tesla kept stealing sales from them with an electric car, and now they’re following suit.

Not saying it’s a bad thing. Just kind of interesting how quickly they changed their tune.

Physics is a Harsh Mistress.

“Tesla kept stealing sales from them” lol
“The upward trend continued in 2017, as Porsche AG has delivered around 246,000 vehicles to customers worldwide in the last year. With this figure, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer exceeded the record set in 2016”
Imagine what Porsche’s sales would be like if Tesla wasn’t stealing sales from them lol
“Continued growth: Porsche AG has seen a further increase in its deliveries, revenue and operating result in the first three months of the 2018 financial year.”
Thing are really bad for Porsche, i don´t know how they can handle it lol

Yet here they are suggesting a 100% plug-in line up by 2030…I doubt that would have happened without Tesla maybe mainly because Tesla managed to drastically change the perception of electric drive making it synonymous with performance and making internal combustion seem like old school if not yesterday’s news by comparison. There is a reason all performance brands are currently showing great interest in adding plug-ins to their lineups.

“Well over a year ago, we switched all our plants to 100% natural electricity sources, which underlines how seriously we take sustainability.” – Uh… what’s a “natural” electricity source?

Coal is “natural” – it was here long before humans were, but digging it up and burning it for energy isn’t sustainable…

Maybe they’re powered by lightning?

Biomass (press releases). All natural, sustainable supply.

Headline from one month ago:

“Porsche CEO says there will never be an all-electric 911, but maybe 718”

Nothing like waffling. Can’t keep up with all these vacillators, not surprised. Manufacturers so steeped in ICE don’t know how to go forward with electric. They’re like Brooks Hatlen from Shawshank, once they’re out of prison they don’t know what to do with themselves..

I wonder if the recent arrest of their chief powertrains executive influenced their new statement here?

“Who knows – maybe by then even our iconic sports car, the 911, will be electric.”

That’s not definitive. Also, electric and electrified dont translate well. In Europe, regular hybrids are considered AFVs if their CO2 emissions are low enough.

Eh, are you seriously suggesting a hybrid 911? That’ll be the day…If Porsche wants 911 to keep up the new Roadster and maybe even performance versions of Model 3 some day it will have little choice than to go electric.

Of course, by 2030, automakers will be pushing heavily into automation. If Porsche wants to avoid boredom and forbearance, a portion of its lineup needs to retain some human control. Otherwise, cars will be come autonomous transport pods not much different than buses. Kudos to electric propulsion. I’m just glad we still have a steering wheel.