Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Versus Tesla Model S – Video


Model S Versus Cayenne S E-Hybrid

Model S Versus Cayenne S E-Hybrid

“The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid and Tesla Model S are both tax-friendly in the Netherlands because of their low CO2 emission, but which one is the best?”

Autoblog Netherlands attempts to pick a winner amongst the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid and Tesla Model S.

Turn on English (or whatever language it is that suits you) captions if Dutch isn’t your native tongue.

This video itself is entertaining, even if you can’t comprehend Dutch.

And the winner is…Well, no spoilers here.

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Interesting to see what words and phrases the Dutch borrow.

“Ambiance” from France.

“Range Anxiety” from the USA.

Yeah, I caught “Range Anxiety” also. I guess GM never provided foreign translations for their trademarked phrase.

I also caught “coffee”.

“koffie” is a Dutch word.

“coffee” is the Anglicization of “koffie”

And it all comes from Arabic. (“Coffee: late 16th century: from Turkish kahveh, from Arabic ḳahwa, probably via Dutch koffie”)

Turks and Arabs were traders not producers of coffee.

So it all comes from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Amharic word for coffee is buna.

Go figure, lost in translation.

Most accounts I’m aware of, including the Wikipedia coffee article FWIW, put the origin of coffee in Yemen. I’m not sure where the Ethiopia thing comes from.

Regardless, we agree that etymologically the word “coffee” has its roots in Arabic.

The two cars were not comparably equipped. For 103k euros, they could have compared against a P85+ or a P85D.

I also think that journalists don’t bother with state of charge when doing acceleration tests.

One error I noticed in their comparison. They discuss top speed on the autobahn and how the Tesla is limited compared to the Porsche. The top speed of the Cayenne S E-Hybrid listed on Porche’s Netherlands website is 243 km/h. The Tesla is listed on its Netherlands website as 250 km/h.

In their comparison on the video the Porsche’s top speed is listed as 243 km/h and the Tesla’s is listed as 225 km/h.

It’s possible this video is old and that was the old top speed of the regular S85 and not the new S85D.

Also they have the Tesla listed 0-100 as 5.6 seconds (which again is probably the older S85) in the video when it is listed by Tesla as 5.4. What’s weird is that they did one drag race with the faster Tesla loosing due to driver error then in their wrap up they decide they would go with the faster car the Porsche.

Since they were reviewing the Model S 85 single-motor, the listed top speeds are correct. The dual motor models are not available outside the US yet, though it’s unfortunate they didn’t mention them in the review.

Since Europe has not received a single D model yet, it isn’t very surprising that it was absent from the review. They could have at least mentioned that AWD was coming in the future or that there was a higher trim, faster Model S available.