Porsche 918 Spyder: Show-Off Crashes His Supercar – Video

JUL 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 33

Try To Not Watch It More Than Once!

Try To Not Watch It More Than Once!

Thanks to some timely footage being taken this weekend on Instagram, and then of course uploaded to YouTube, we get to see a $847,000 plug-in car take a little damage.

Now normally, seeing a premium electric vehicle crashed isn’t our cup-of-tea, but there is just too much poetic justice happening here to ignore and not come away satisfied.

It seems the driver and his girlfriend (?) decided that a little show-boating, and one-handed driving was in order for onlookers in the parking lot of the Epi Plage hotel in St Tropez.

After almost clipping some pedestrians, the duo quickly met a parked SUVed – which is sure to result in one of the largest bills for a parking lot fender-bender ever.

Naturally, the aftermath resulted in the driver taking on the ‘I don’t care’ attitude while nursing his beverage.

Instagram (Kristina_Lifetime – Russian) via CarScoops
Hat tip to Sven!

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I don’t get it. It didn’t look like there was anywhere to go, it looked like a dead end so why go fast? What was he expecting to do?

Beer Goggles.

+the figure of that douche’s repair bill

Repair bill? Daddy will pay for it. Party on!!

Silly wanker. I wouldn’t even dare flooring a Prius in that kind of space.

It’s incredibly awkward watching this, especially that edit that almost made me believe that the guy was hit by the car.

Anyway, what a waste.

Somehow, anti-EV news outlets will spin this against plug-ins.

No way the general public sees a 918 as an EV. Silly, this is what EVs look like 😉 :

True, the 918 barely qualifies as an EV (in my book).

She’s hot. The car! Err-Vehicle.

Looks like a German licence plate :s
SW stands for Schweinfurt which is in Bavaria.

Although it’s a German license plate, he’s not German. The blond passenger speaks to him in Russian after the crash. Perhaps crashing his $900,000+ Porsche while living high-life in the French Riviera is just bad karma on the ill-gotten gains from the Kleptocracy known as modern day Russia.

Wondering if he is a kid of one of Russia’s oil barons?

I saw a teenager in a rice-rocket do this once in the parking lot of a restaurant I was taking my girlfriend to. He nearly ran over us. But then he lost control and rammed into a light post, really messing up his car. Coolant was leaking all over the place and steam shooting out of his hood. I felt like he got a valuable lesson that day.


often defined as offensive or racist stereotyping.

Perhaps the lesson Here is,,,
language matters Too !
A need to be First, can lead to carelessness.

How can it be racist? “Rice Rocket” refers to the car itself, not the driver. So when I refer to a Tahoe as a Tank-Ho (which I often do) is that somehow racist too?

Lesson #1 someone will be offended by everything you say.

That offends me.

I’m offended you’re offended.

A strong offense is the best defense.


Now,,,,Misogyny !

Just ignore the social justice warriors or they will never leave you alone. They get offended by everything, it’s their livelyhood.

What the hell are you a well disciplined 15 year old mountain bread caucasian?

Rice Rocket is a term in the car world, get educated, open your mind and stop practicing where to properly place a dinner fork and soup spoon on the dinner table.


A Great defense of Short Sightedness!

Koenigsegg, as a motorcyclist, now I’m offended (-;
Actually, “rice rocket” (or riceburner) originally referred to motorbikes. There were (for the period) insanely fast and dangerous Japanese motorcycles already in the 1960s, several years before the Japanese carmakers started making sporty cars.
The Kawa H1 is a good example.

I dunno, he ****** up. I don’t find joy in this. I feel bad but what’s the point in putting this guy down some more. Humanity. This is what we’ve become.

You must bw the guy

Decadent Dick

The likes of the white-linen trust fund kids out to have their fun. That money or similar is what Musk is after with the Ludicrous speed options and selling vehicles on acceleration. Imagine if this guy was driving a silent P85D and clipped of those pedestrians?

Since it got blocked, here’s another link. Enjoy:


Dear Jay Cole,

I appreciate this must be a *really* difficult concept to grasp by you ‘journos’ (judging by the number of times you all get it wrong) but the 918 here is not an EV.

It is very easy to tell an EV from an ICEV – the latter has an exhaust pipe, the former does not.

Should it help in correctly categorising EVs and non-EVs, EVs don’t make silly, male appendage-extending noises like this one did – right before it nearly killed someone and then crashed. Clearly the driver should be in prison by now. MW

hmm.. then the Porche here is an ICEE, or ICE-E?
with as much value, as in, “it took ’em This long to discover that EV is an acceleration wet-dream? Now this Porche is seen as an engineering masterpiece, by the Really few, the proud, the drunk?”

It’s kinda’ embarrassing that the complexity and cost of a -good- nitrous system can be matched by a 12 volt lead-acid and a motor, ya’ know?

but tactfully put, Jay, as always..