Porsche 918 Spyder Hit With Fifth Recall


Parts of the rear suspension could crack, and Porsche intends to replace the parts with stronger pieces.

Sorry, Porsche 918 Spyder owners because you’ll need to take your supercar to the dealer for a recall. Porsche will repair 305 examples of the 2015 model year 918 in the United States because the connecting shafts for the suspension control arms could crack.

Porsche’s analysis found that the “connecting shafts of the longitudinal and transverse control arms might be vulnerable to cathodic stress corrosion cracking.” The company believes that the problem affects the components’ long-term reliability, and they require replacement.

Porsche will replace these parts with more stronger versions, and the work will require seven to eight hours to complete. The automaker reports that it has no reports of actual incidents related to this problem.

The 918 Spyder has been subject to multiple recalls. The first was all the way back in 2014 when five of them required replacement of the rear axle control arms. Unspecified chassis components also needed fixed later. In 2015, yet another campaign addressed possible damage to the wiring harness, and the firm had to inspect the entire production run for a potential problem with the seatbelts in 2016. Porsche also previously repaired the  front lower control arms for possible cracking at the ball joints.

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5 Comments on "Porsche 918 Spyder Hit With Fifth Recall"

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I don’t understand, if this was Tesla there would be tons of comments that Tesla is going out of business. Here there is nothing! Do the Porsche owners not care?

PS. I assume no-one has had a real problem, this recall is to play it safe.

Sounds like good use of the recall system. Proactive instead of reactive. I don’t think Porsche should be punished for aggressively and proactively using the recall system to fix problems before they ever cause harm. Companies should be rewarded for issuing MORE recalls, instead of being looked at questionably for having issued a recall.

We’ve owned several Porsches 944 , 911, Boxster …among others and they constantly Broke . Always repairing them .If it wasn’t one thing, it was always something ..BTW, these cars were Not Raced or Abused..

Then you’re having bad luck. In general Porsche is one of the most reliable brands, together with Toyota and Subaru. At least until the cars reach 10 years old, when Japanese cars tend to have slightly more problems. I’ve only owned an old 928 from 1987, that I restored over a period of a few years.

“these cars were Not Raced or Abused”

They probably tried to kill themselves out of boredom.