Is This A Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid? – Video


Porsche 911 PHEV?

Porsche 911 PHEV?

A Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid (likely to be called the Porsche 911 S E-Hybrid) is coming.  That’s a fact.

Is this our first-ever look at the 911 PHEV?

“On May 13 we filmed this Porsche that at first sight looks like a normal prototype for the facelifted version of the 991. However, when checking our footage we noticed something very peculiar in the backseat of the 911. It looks as if there’s some kind of electrical engine or battery pack on the back seat. When listening very carefully to the sound of the car you can also notice a high pitched noise during shifting and even during acceleration, suggesting a hybrid powertrain. Could this be the very first videofootage of the rumoured Porsche 911 hybrid? What do you think?”

States the video description.

If this is the 911 PHEV, then seeing it out for testing perhaps suggests it’s coming sooner than expected.  Perhaps in 2015?

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Sounds a bit like turbo noise but as the 911 S E-Hybrid will be coupled to the upcoming Boxer 4 cylinder twin-turbo ICE I’d say it’s a safe bet. But I would not take the bet that it will be available before the 2017 MY.

Well, by listening to the sound of the engine, one can assume it has a regular multi-speed transmission, vs any sort of CVT or e-CVT that you might expect with a Hybrid.

Correct. CVTs are intended for economy, this being a sports car will use the Porsche Double Clutch (PDK) transmission.

Porsche just needs to bite the bullet and make a BEV…

Big battery, SC access.
And contribute to expand the network.
It’s VW group. Big resources. If they don’t want to join the SC thing… build your own network, but with a standard faster than CCS (200 kW or more).
Same for all high-end cars (Mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Sergio’s Ferrari – he’ll also see that for high-end cars it’s a different business case!).
PHEVs might still make sense for cheaper cars, in some cases, but for luxury / sport cars … Just go Tesla’s way!