Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid Coming In 2018 In Form Of AWD Carrera 4?

JUL 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder

According to the Australian site motoring.com.au Porsche is considering a hybrid 911. Earlier CEO Matthias Mueller outlined the possibility.

The Porsche 918 Spyder demonstrated that high performance hybrids with the addition of external charging is something that can attract customers.

Hybrid (we believe plug-in hybrid) 911 will emerge as a naturally-aspirated 911 Carerra 4 sometime in 2018.

Rear axle probably will be powered by a petrol engine and the front by an electric motor. It will be also one of the solutions to achieve tighter CO2 emissions.

“Two of Porsche’s most senior executives have all but confirmed that the sports car company’s most iconic model, the 911, will go hybrid — in the form of the next-generation all-wheel drive 911 Carrera 4.

Although purists may scoff, Porsche is convinced of the merits of a petrol-electric hybrid 911, which will leverage the technology used in Zuffenhausen’s current Le Mans sports car campaign.

Even former Australian F1 and now Porsche race car driver Mark Webber is behind the idea, saying customers are ready to embrace the next step in sports cars.”

Dr Frank-Stefan Walliser, Porsche’s motorsport boss, said:

“It would be a Carrera 4, why not? With four-wheel drive what you can do, the freedom you have how to use the traction, you’re not depending on the speed between the different axles,”

“It has to feel like a Porsche and like a 911. It must drive like these cars always drive,” he said of a hybrid version, with the first iterations likely to be naturally aspirated – meaning that not all of Porsche’s next-generation 911’s will be turbocharged.

“I would say normally aspirated [engine] is the better choice [for 911 hybrid]. You save the weight of the turbo and you have the low-end torque of the electric motors so that fits normally better.”

The Porsche executive also noted that “I expect we’ll end up with every model line with a plug-in hybrid.”

Source: motoring.com.au

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Please have over 20mile EPA range

Roger Jones

should be a nice addition to the 911 lineI just hope the price is right


The best path for Porsche may be mid-engine, for the one with decent battery range. The 911 C4 will get the benefit of front electric motoring, and hopefully some of the tech from the 918. EREV is too hard, if they want to retain the rear engine weight layout.

It isn’t the everyman goal, but getting on-track mpg numbers sub-10mpg, to maybe 20mpg, is the progress I think we can look for in the 911.