Poll Shows “Overwhelming” Support for Tesla Motors Selling Direct to Consumers in Texas


Poll Results From Austin Business Journal Readers

Poll Results From Austin Business Journal Readers

As the battle in Texas continues, a poll conducted by the Austin Business Journal shows that the public in Texas is overwhelming against that state’s current dealership franchise laws and instead strongly support Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales setup.

Tesla Owners Line Up Their Model S Sedans At The Texas Capitol In Support Of Hearing For HB 3351

Tesla Owners Line Up Their Model S Sedans At The Texas Capitol In Support Of Hearing For HB 3351

The poll asked this question:

“Calif-based Tesla wants to sell electric cars directly to consumers. Should it be allowed to bypass Texas dealership regulations?”

To which a full 86 percent responded “Yes” and only 12 percent stated “No.”  The remaining 2 percent responded with “I’m not sure.” (1,704 votes and counting as poll in still active)

Of course, the always talkative Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk had something to say when he heard of the results of the poll:

“This survey confirms that Texans, who take pride in their free enterprise philosophy, do not believe that there should be an arbitrary exception in the automotive marketplace. For the Auto Dealer Association to claim that restricting competition is in the best interests of the public is wrong and defies obvious common sense.  We hope that legislators will consider the overwhelming support shown in this poll and vote yes on House Bill 3351/Senate Bill 1659, which would allow manufacturers of electric cars to sell directly to consumers in Texas. This amendment takes care to ensure that the long held franchise rights of auto dealers to sell their existing brands are still protected, which was the original intention of the law.”

Tesla vows to create hundreds of jobs in Texas if this bill passes and has even hinted that the state is the leading site for a future Tesla factory.  That factory, says Tesla, could one day build electric trucks, but all this hinges on Texas passing the bill and even then there’s no set-in-stone guarantee that Tesla will stick to what it’s saying today.

via Austin Business Journal (note: poll is ongoing and results may vary from what’s posted above)

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This is such great news

Of course the legislators know that the Texas truck plant is unlikely, but absolutely won’t happen if they vote against free enterprise. This bill should not hinge on how many jobs Tesla will create in Texas, but on getting rid of an antiquated law that no longer serves any purpose. Politicians are very sensitive to their popularity, and voting against 86% of the population is not a good move, so I think this poll may have a significant effect.

What I learned recently about public opinion and politics, is that even if 91% of the population want something, it can still fail due to politics.

As we all know, what most people want has almost nothing to do with how lawmakers vote…


Our governor here in Texas will still likely shoot it down. He’s the same governor that voted against “no texting while driving” laws. Real brilliant guy.