Poll Finds 35% of Europeans Willing to Spend More for Eco-Friendly Auto Despite Recession


Oddly, one-third of Europeans are willing to spend more money to buy an eco-friendly vehicle despite a severe recession.

Disclaimer: This poll of European consumers was sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Now, let’s move on.  More than one-third of Europeans claim that they’d be willing to spend more for an environmentally friendly automobile despite the fact that 71 percent have slashed spending due to Europe’s sever economic recession.

Ford says it conducted the poll to gain a more thorough understanding of opinions and attitudes related to mobility in Europe (corporate speak for marketing the rights products to your target audience).

Is the Tesla Model S too expensive? The results from this poll leave us asking this exact question.

But the results from the poll are at least interesting.  For example, the survey says that for 71 percent of European consumers, fuel-efficiency is a “major” factor in deciding upon their  next vehicle.  And a whopping 68 percent of drivers actually think about fuel efficiency while seated behind the wheel.

Obviously, all of these potential eco-friendly buyers would be keen on purchasing a vehicle as green as the Tesla Model S or even Ford’s own C-Max Energi, but the poll omits one vital bit of information: how much more are buyers willing to pay?  $100?  $1,000?  $10,000?  Or is it only a few bucks?  Remember, it’s always wise to ask the right questions.

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