Poll: Electric Vehicle Interest on the Rise


2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

Below you’ll find some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,240 US adults surveyed between May 8 and 13, 2013 by Harris Interactive.

But before jumping into the results, we’ll let you know that Harris Interactive titled its press release on this subject as “Speed Bumps Remain for Electric Cars; Incentives Could Recharge Interest.”  However, the results of the survey are mostly positive, so we’re thinking Harris Interactive doesn’t quite have a grasp on the electric vehicle industry and doesn’t really understand that its published results present a strong case for the future of EVs.

Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

Let’s move on to those results:

“When asked which of several improved-efficiency vehicle types they would consider the next time they are in the market for a new vehicles, nearly half of American car owners (or anticipated owners) indicated that they would consider a traditional hybrid (48%), while nearly four in ten (38%) would consider a smaller and/or less powerful gas-powered vehicle. Just over one-fourth (27%) would consider a plug-in hybrid, two in ten (19%) an electric vehicle and 16% would consider a diesel vehicle. Roughly four in ten (41%) indicate that they would only get a vehicle with lower operating costs if they could do so without changing their driving habits or expectations.”

Partially Electrified Vehicle Survey Results

  • Current and prospective drivers were also asked how their likelihood to consider several types of vehicles has changed within the past two years. Focusing specifically on those driven at least partly by their batteries…
  • Over four in ten (43%) indicate being more likely to consider a traditional hybrid (43%) – roughly twice the percentage saying they’re less likely to do so (21%).
  • Adding an electrical plug appears to put the brakes on consideration growth, with current or prospective drivers reporting being more (30%) and less (30%) likely to consider them in equal percentages.
  • Taking away the gas tank entirely seems to stall things out further still, with the 23% more likely to consider them overpowered by the 38% less likely to do so.

Pure Electric Vehicle Survey Results

  • The majority of Americans (56%) would be more likely to consider such a vehicle if it were incentivized with a free fast-charge station installed in their home.
  • Nearly half (47%) would be more likely to consider one if it cost the same as a similar gas-powered vehicle.
  • Over four in ten (42%) indicated that having charging stations at or near their workplace would provide such an incentive.

Sure, there are all sorts of ways that you can twist these results, but we see lots of positives here, especially in the early stages of the electric vehicle.  Do any of the published results jump out as unexpected to you?

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David Murray

I say that is a very positive poll. Just think if half of all car buyers opted for a hybrid, PHEV, or EV. Wow.. what a difference that would make!


If ten percent of drivers were driving plug ins, then their sea of friends, neighbors and relatives all would learn what EVs are all about. Right now, these surveys reach out to people who are educated not by usage but by the media. Factual owners are the best advertisers and advocates of EVs. So, sales should grow in proportion to the number of vehicles already sold. This leaves out the forced sales like to GE as fleet vehicles where the drivers are given plug in cars (volt or Energi) and then are given a corporate gasoline card. What makes them even consider plugging in at home and use their electricity?