Politics & Cars: Democrats Choose Tesla, While Republicans Go For Corvettes


Tesla Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S and Model X

A poll by Swapalease, connecting politics and cars, discovered that a lot of Democrats would be interested in a Tesla Model S, if they could afford it. Similarly, many Republicans, if given some cash to spend, would opt for a Chevrolet Corvette. While at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of environmental consciousness, the two vehicles are both performance machines. However, the Tesla takes the win in practicality.

Corvette Stingray

Corvette Stingray

About 2,500 volunteers chose to be a part of the study. Of those surveyed, more were Republicans so it is no surprise that more plan on voting for Trump than Clinton. However, Trump only won 39 percent to Clinton’s 36 percent, even though Republican survey takers outnumbered Democrats by a much larger margin, and also most were male. As usual, there were some “undecideds” and those planning to vote for a different candidate. Interestingly, a third of those polled compared this year’s election to a “driverless car”.

Obama owns a Ford Escape Hybrid, and this isn’t the first time there has been Democratic connections to low emissions vehicles. It is surely not the first time we have seen Republicans support “Big Oil”. But, in the end, political party doesn’t really determine car preference. We wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Trump cruising around in a Model S or the more substantial Model X. It may be just as easy to imagine Hillary in a gas guzzling, convertible sports car.

Contributors picked a Cadillac Escalade as Donald Trump’s likely car of choice and a Mercedes-Benz GL Class for Hillary. Other takeaways showed that men chose the Corvette and women chose the Model S. Other popular models also made the list, including the Chevrolet Volt and the Ford F-150. We can guess which survey takers preferred each. Check out the entire results by clicking here.

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Oh, this discussion thread’s going to go well…

Is there something wrong with pointing out the truth? We might have some “best practice” republicans here (and all the best to them), but in general republicans are backwards, unenlightened twits with a need to assert their penis size through the usual “manly” means. (Read: noise, brutishness. AKA the Chevrolet Corvette.)

I’d rather have, as a friend, the most reactionary Republican, than a narrow-minded, tribalist coward who hides behind the safety of a long-distance Internet connection to say things to someone that they would never, ever say to their face.

If we Americans keep going down this path of tribalism, of treating those who we have political differences with as the enemy, rather than as fellow countrymen, then the United States of America… won’t be united for much longer.

See “Robert Reich: Tribalism is tearing America apart”


“The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” — Ronald Reagan

You would defend someone who seeks to take rights away from people who are different, to undo the critical progress that has allowed us to enjoy the products we discuss here and who ignores scientists because they are foolish enough to be deceived by powerful corporations?

I am not American and who said I dont say such things to peoples faces?

Moreover I also said best practice Republicans are fine…

Nobody said, republicans are dumb. Problem is they are good at persuading dumb americans to vote for them and therefor against their own interest.
Take the elections for instance. You have the best example at hand!

Well said PP! And respect to you for quoting Reagan! I have liberal friends with whom I likely disagree 80% or more of the time, but we still like each other and show respect for each other as fellow human beings.

And now to return the favor, I will list my favorite Obama quote.
“Just because you have the best hammer, it doesn’t mean every problem is a nail.”
– Barack Obama

Tribalism is a HUGE problem. Views should be based on the evidence and rational thought.

However . . . it just happens to be the left that does that much more than the right. The right still denies evolution and climate change while clinging to ideologies with no solid empirical evidence supporting them.

This is certainly not always the case. There are lots of people on the left with stupid irrational views on things. Like a fear of GMO foods that is not supported by hard scientific evidence but is instead supported by a vague feeling that “natural things are always safer”.

But in most cases . . . it is the right that is wrong. A recent study showed that of all the political propaganda posted on Facebook, 38% of the conservative propaganda was false/misleading whereas 20% of the liberal propaganda was false/misleading.

As Colbert so wisely put it, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

“in general republicans are backwards, unenlightened twits”

That sounds like a rather unenlightened and backwards over-generalization.

“republicans … need to assert their penis size through the usual โ€œmanlyโ€ means”

Around roughly half of Republicans are women. So again a false over-generalization.

This is stuff better left to being posted on twitter, where it belongs.


as a republican that owns a Volt and has solar panels on his house, I can say that it was insulting to hear, but i can understand where it comes from. I will just “turn the other cheek” and get ready for another slap.

Sure . . . buy you have to admit, you are a tiny obscure minority among Republicans.

If you go to the unofficial propaganda arm of the GOP (AKA Fox News), you can find massive amounts of Volt and Tesla bashing.


And that is just a small sampling.

That’s reality whether you like it or not.

So what do you consider the almost daily Tesla drag race videos?? ๐Ÿ™‚

We might have some โ€œbest practiceโ€ Democrats here (and all the best to them), but in general Democrats are whiny, emotional wrecks with a need to assert their nanny nag through the usual “womanly” means. (Read: nag, cry, emotion over facts. AKA FCEV.)

SparkEV, I’m hoping you are just sarcastically dishing right back at him what he was dishing out — just for effect so he can see how unproductive his post was.

Otherwise, your generalizations are even worse, because you’ve already seen what a failure his generalizations were, and you still went there anyways.

Posting something stupid the first time is a mistake, that hopefully the OP learned from. Doubling down on stupid after seeing stupid blowup already, isn’t a mistake. It is feral mendacity.

I would buy a base model Bolt and invest the difference. It is absurd to pay 70k plus for transportation. Also, I own a Chevrolet Volt and a Ford F150. What does that say about me?

f-150s can get pricey now too, a raptor can go over 50k if your looking for a pickup thats fast.

I think Tesla’s are overpriced for the options you get in a base car and the upgrades you can do are overpriced as well. That’s what happens when a new company makes cars, they need to sell that at a premium markup in order to stay a float.

Isn’t the F150 one of the more fuel efficient pickups on the market? So, I guess that would make you consistent.

The Ram 1500 small displacement turbo diesel crushes the F150.

3.0L turbodiesel V6: 22 mpg combined (19 city/27 highway)

Besides, the ecoboost Ford engines only get their EPA rating if you stay out of the turbo boost, and drive it like you are driving an EPA test cycle. Real world numbers for Chevy 1500’s tend to beat real world Ford ecoboost numbers, even when the Ford beats the Chevy/GM’s in EPA ratings.


You own both a Chevy and a Ford? When you park them next to each other, do they do this to each other?


(hopefully obviously, but I thought I’d clarify just in case….)

Democrats buy efficiency and cleanliness.
Repubs buy inefficiency and pollution.
Real world, Shock.

Broad generalizations never benefit anyone. The same kind of talk attempts to suppress a gender, race, etc.

Seems like we could do without it, yes?

I know Republicans that love EVs and Democrats that hate them.

But don’t get me started on those Gary Johnson supporters….


SparkEV for president! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Elon MUSK* for President!

NO! Until I get my 3, Musk will sleep in his sleeping bag at the factory.

That pesky constitution would stop him. Besides, although Musk has great skills, his skill set is not a good match for what a president requires.


Broad generalizations when a poll of 2,500 just said his exact statement?

Yes, lest the poll said “all Republicans” or “all Democrats” we should not generalize.

Does the poll say all Republicans would choose a Corvette, or all Democrats would choose Tesla?

A majority of internet traffic in a Tesla is the Republican-leaning Drudge Report website. So… To say that all Republicans would only choose a Corvette (or, more specifically, “inefficiency and pollution”) is simply not true.

the Corvettes are not as inefficient as you think… My parents have a Corvette and a Model S. But the Corvette still gets 33-35 MPG at 60ish MPH when they go on road trips with their Corvette club. They love their Tesla too. as a matter of fact, on their “Show and Shine” days, they bring the Tesla too and it gets much more attention here in rural Arkansas than the Corvettes.

Tesla drivers prefer Drudge

Iike Bill Maher said “my costume was a science book like to scare Republicans”

The list of possible costumes is too long.. ๐Ÿ˜€

That is too small a group for any meaningful interpretation. I know several people who would be more likely to vote for the Republican candidate in general, yet are very energy conscious. Including home and vehicle choices, recycling, food sources, etc.

Those political survey is rarely useful other than adding more fuel to the fire on stereotype.

7 solar panels owners at work, 3 of them are Republican voters (only 1 is voting for Trump though), 3 of them are democratic and 1 is considered as independent. 5 out of 7 are voting for Hillary and 1 for Trump and 1 for Johnson.

So, don’t over generalized.

But with that said, the most deplorable people I know are Trump supporters…

Always hated the Corvette, thought of it as an old man’s retirement car. What I’m surprised by is that most Teslas I see are driven by older ppl.

Possibly a mid-life crisis car.. (but Tesla can be too).

My friend with a 1970’s Corvette would definitely be offended by that!

Now pardon me, I have to run. I don’t want to be late for his retirement party….


My parents are retired and own a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and a 2015 Telsa Model S 90 RWD. The funny part is that they are republicans.

You know why Republican men like corvettes? Because they think they can grab vaginas with a vette since they are not stars. LOL

A Corvette? Wow, how last millennium! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s the 21st century. Up the EV revolution, and…

Go Tesla!

Maybe they meant the electric Corvette from Genovation.


You mean Democrats chose a car that is overbudget, over priced –has never been profitable in it’s production life — over one that is the most efficient in it’s class and has been profitable EVERY year it’s been in production for the last 60 years.

Which company received a total of $50.7B in bailouts, starting in 2008 under Bush, and continuing through their eventual bankruptcy?

Was that Tesla? Remind me again…


What a divided nation such as ours needs is for Chevy to announce a Corvette EV. ๐Ÿ™‚

It will bring people together!

It exists, but $$$


$750,000 conversion is not quite what I had in mind. XD

That might bring Republican and Democrat millionaires together though.

I take offense. I have a Tesla on order and an restoring a ’76 Corvette. Independent!

… I wonder, god forbidding for the sake of the stability of the world’s most powerful nation, that if Donald orders a Tesla Model S or X, would Elon Musk personally disable it?

I can totally see him doing that.

Another fun way to generalize, Democrats wanted the tax credits, while Republicans paid their taxes…….

Yeah, those stupid socialist Republicans. They are so eager to give money to big government to grow even more and drop bombs in other countries.