Police Force Adds 651 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs – But You’ll Never Guess Which One

JUL 11 2016 BY JAY COLE 19

We have heard about some sizable government plug-in fleet orders over the years, but an order for 651 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs for Police duty really stands out.

But what stands out even more, is who ordered them this time, and no, it wasn’t a hotbed of plug-in technology like Norway, the US or China.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV -- Refreshed Look, 12 kWh Battery

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV — Refreshed Look, 12 kWh Battery

It was Ukraine.

Our first question after hearing this news was “who decided that odd extra ‘one’ in the 651 Outlander PHEV order was needed?”

Our second, and probably more mature question was, “how and why did this huge order come about from the relatively small (automotive-wise) country?”

First announced by the Minister of Internal Affairrs, Arsen Avakov’s on his twitter, the plug-ins will replace some pretty dated VAV and UAZ vehicles and to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

An earlier program to convert the fleet to plug-ins had been suggested as too costly, so this is an unexpected turn of events.  Mr. Avakov detailed the program (noted below, and on Facebook here) …and also had some words to the country’s workforce.

The program approved by the protocol decision of the Cabinet from 27.05.2016 №15 and developed in collaboration with the Japanese government and commercial structures in the framework of the UN Convention on Climate Change (Kyoto Protocol).”

 In practice, the National Police of Ukraine will receive 651 modern car Mitsubishi -. Instead of long-outdated VAZ and UAZ”

“So, gentlemen, you will receive 651 new and unique modern powerful eco-friendly hybrid crossover Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

The people of Ukraine hope that you will be worthy of this innovation! Serve with honor.”

The  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was recently refreshed in 2016, and features a 12 kWh battery, giving the 4WD SUV a real world range of about 22 miles/35 km (or 32.5 miles/52.3 kms on the ambitious NEDC rating system).

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Awesome deal for Mitsubishi. Its a great car.

The car practically pays for itself after 200,000 miles.

It’s a way to stick it to the Russians. Mitsu not made in Russia and using less oil will also hurt Russia. While the amount might be tiny, it is something.

Not your most intelligent comment SparkEV.
It would have been better to say it is simply good that Ukraine start using PHEV vehicles.
Adding oil on fire will not bring any positive outcome.
At the end of the day those two countries are going to be neighbors no mater what and they will have to find a way to live together.
In Belgium you have French and Dutch speaking people living in the same country, you even have German speaking Belgians in the East of the country. All that is not easy and lots of past tensions have happened and are still happening but nevertheless bit by bit slowly understandings have taken place. We may still end up with 2 if not 3 countries or a Swiss type federation but even so we will end up better then permanently fighting each other.

But Ukraine would probably be better off being close friends with the EU than close friends with Russia. It is hard to be close friends with people that invade you.

Yes we had quiet problem being friends with France and they still occupy south west Flanders from Duinkerke to Rijsel but nevertheless relations have improved. Even though many Belgians were shocked when François Hollande refused to be present at the commemorations of the Waterloo battle even though it was 200 years ago.


This country was invaded by the “Neighbour”. Invasion force still is on its land.


And You want them to be good neighbours?

Did You lost Your minds? Or simply slept over all the WWI & WWII at school….


I disagree. SparkEV(maniac) makes a good point. If I understand correctly, Russia deliberately withholds oil deliveries in an effort to weaken Ukraine’s economy. That would dovetail nicely with Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

By now Ukraine must acutely understand the shackles that come with fossil fuel dependence, and it sounds like they are eager for alternatives.

Sparky, drinking Vodka at noon again???

Psst, it’s not “the Ukraine” just like it’s not “the Germany” or “the Italy” or “the Jay”, it’s Ukraine as a proper name and cannot be superceded by an article.

It would help if you’d explain why the difference between the label “The Ukraine” and the label “Ukraine” is important to the Ukrainian people.

In the absence of such explanation, any correction comes across as nit-picking political correctness.


Thought I did explain the difference, it is grammatically incorrect in English to have an article, “the” or “a”, in front of a proper noun. If expecting a correct English is nit-picking, then consider me a nit-picker :p


Psst! Who are you correcting?

I suspect that most people in The United States of America simply say “Ukraine.”

This. It is Ukraine. Not “the Ukraine”. That is what it was when it was a region in the USSR. It is now an independent country so say the name right.

Average salary in Kiev is some 300 USD now, they’re just showing off.

Real avarage sallary in Kiev near 800-1000$

Will be interesting to see if this actually happens…

Indeed, knowing a bit about Eastern Europe and esp. Ukraine’s relative wealth, my guess is they might be getting a great deal on overstocks of the older Outlander PHEV. And/or a Western grant/loan to finance this.
Both of which are totally fine IMHO.

Great car but they need some blue and red on the roof.