Polestar 1 Might Carry Price Tag Of $177,000… That’s Crazy



As much as we love the looks of the Polestar 1, there’s no way we could justify its price, which is expected to be nearly $200,000, or like $40,000 more than a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S.

For the time being, you won’t be able to actually own the Polestar 1 since the hybrid two-door coupe will be offered exclusively with a subscription plan that has a fixed term: two or three years. It’s already available to order online, though deliveries will not kick off until the second half of 2019. At the end of the contract, you’ll have to return the car or Polestar will be more than happy to pick it up. Then, the vehicle will be refurbished to be sold as a pre-owned model also through a subscription plan.

Things could change in the future as Polestar has hinted it might eventually decide to sell the car in traditional sense of the word. If it will ever happen, the 600-horsepower machine with 93 miles (NEDC) of all-electric range, will retail for anywhere between 130,000 to 150,000 euros or $150,000 to $177,000, according to the company’s Vice President, Global Head of Public Relations and Communications, Duncan Forrester.

Polestar 1

Polestar’s Chief Operating Officer, John Goodman, also pointed out the stylish coupe could be sold to customers: “if someone wants to give us $100-x-thousand dollars, we’ll find a way.”

There’s also the issue of limited availability as initially only 500 cars will be available per year. Polestar hasn’t made a decision about how these will be distributed, but chances are 300 will be sold in China where the car is going to be produced at a new factory set to be inaugurated in Chengdu by mid-2018. Europe will receive 100 units while North America will get the remaining 100 examples. Sadly, there are no plans to engineer a right-hand-drive version and according to Jalopnik, Polestar will sell its first model in only six countries: China (obviously), Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, United States.

That being said, Autocar points out the Polestar 1 will still be sold in the United Kingdom despite not having a RHD layout. About that, the reason why the car will have the steering wheel only on the left side has to do mainly with engineering costs. Things will be different with the Tesla Model 3-rivaling Polestar 2 and the Polestar 3 SUV as the two will be developed right from the start to accommodate both layouts.

Source: Motor AuthorityJalopnikAutocar

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$40k (more) than…

Being Billionaires gotta’ spend their money on something!

and this supposed to be the 2017 Tesla Model 3 killer?

No. The Tesla Model 3 competitor is the next car, the Polestar 2.

Well, the 2017 needs to really come to life first. But no it isn’t the 2018 Model 3 competitor. That’s the Polestar 2.

Is pot legal in Sweden?


Unfortunately not. Try Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is about as real as the (current) Audi electric E-Tron R8 and that Mercedes neon green electric GT they “sold”.

This is the problem with trying to build just 500 of anything each year. All the costs get divided into much smaller sales numbers, so the price simply can’t come anywhere near a larger volume car.

The way they then have to sell them is on the exclusivity of the car. Like selling a Karma Revero based on the exclusivity.

There is a market for products like that, and some folks are willing to pay a hefty premium for exclusivity if the product is good. And since products like this are sold for their exclusivity, by definition you don’t have to find very many people willing to pay extra for exclusivity.

But this is definitely just a halo car, and if they use it to sell a dozen other EV’s/PHEV’s at reasonable prices, why would any of us care that we would never pay that much money for one?

It looks like they are basically doing a twist on the Tesla secret plan, with a low volume high dollar car that they plan on back-filling later with “electrified” HEV’s, PHEV’s, and BEV’s (per prior press releases here on insideev’s.)

The problem is aside from style you can buy a better car from Tesla for less money.

And without checking I think there are a number of cars coming on market that offer better performance/range for less money in the next two years.

Yes, there is a market for exclusive, conspicuous-consumption products that sell because of the name only… However, for that to work, the buyer and (buyer’s peers) has to have actually heard of the brand, and that brand has to have a positive connotation of exclusivity.

This works for Rolls-Royce, but isn’t working very well for “MG”: A Chinese company bought the name & logo, and is slapping it on low-cost, low-end consumer cars — none of whose potential owners has ever heard of the defunct British company.

It’s likely to work even less for Karma, since essentially noone except EV fans has ever heard of the brand.

Not sure about Polestar…

Isn’t is car subscription only?

Crazy! I wouldn’t pay more than $162,400 for this car…

haha 😀

Seems Volvo just pulled the “Lucy” football away. Nothing to see here. May as well push your money to Tesla. Bigger battery, cheaper, faster, available. What were you thinking?

On a side note, it was great to see Dan Neil’s Bolt review, in WSJ. The only Pulitzer prize winning auto journalist seems to be becoming an EV enthusiast:
“But the Bolt is a hell of a car, the quickest soulless appliance you could ask for, an absolute hoot in the sack.”….”Nissan sank an entire year’s worth of R&D, $6 billion, tooling up for the Leaf. If the Bolt team had been given $6 billion they could have made it fly.”

Is a “subscription plan” somehow different from a lease?

Now we understand why they created a new make called polestar. Forget it, they can sell only 300 – 500 units worldwide / year. But the Volvo’s plugins will sell well and lets hope for that.

For $130K, you can buy a high end Model-S and keep the other $40K in our pocket.

I dont think anyone gets that the dashboard is made of black rhino horn and those shiny dash bits are platinum-plated, not chrome-plated. The seats are beyond plush, made of baby fur seal hide. I mean, if you’re going to only make 500, you may as well go all out, right? This car is clearly on the endangered species list.

Sounds like something someone would drive who enjoys “pole-stars”.

They had better take a long hard look at the problem Acura created for themselves with the new NSX…….

European premium brands just ran out of excuses to charge people an arm and a leg in the name of exotic cars! Even an inexpensive EV beat them all! Just another way to gouge people money selling young studs the dreams of attracting hot girls!

Guess this is not shaping up as an example of those cheap China build EVs that are supposed to flood western markets at some point.

Levelling the import taxes playing field would add another 25% to any EV imported from China BTW ensuring that this wave of Chinese imports will never happen.

WOW – I’m guessing their target audience is really, really small…..