Poland Sets Target Of 1 Million Plug-In Electric Cars By 2025

JUN 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Solaris Urbino 12 electric

Solaris Urbino 12 electric

Poland has joined a group of other countries who have recently put aggressive targets on EV adoption.

In the case of Poland, the target is to put 1 million plug-ins on the road by 2025…which seems near impossible for a country that only sells some ~325,000 new vehicles a year.

According to Bloomberg, Poland is home to the majority of the European Union’s most polluted cities (WHO said 16 out of 20), and the country has an unpopular reputation of a country whose economy is hooked on coal.

A shift to electric cars and buses via introducing favorable governmental policies towards plug-ins could deal with some of those problems – although the final details still need to be hammered out.

Increasing the number of electric cars from just 427 in 2015 to 1,000,000 in less than 10 years is a ambitious target to say the least, so those policies had better include punitive actions taken against petrol sales in the future.

The government would like to also to boost production of electric buses to 1,000 a year by 2020 (Polish cities have so far bought a total of 16 plug-in buses).

Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a conference in Warsaw on Tuesday said:

“Are we able to catch up with the western countries that have been making engines for one hundred years? Not really. However, we’re able to join in and surf on the fourth wave of economic revolution that’s ahead of us. This is our moment, our time.”

source: Bloomberg

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If they could hit these #’s, they could do it.

Year Sales Share
2017 20000 6%
2018 30000 9%
2019 50000 15%
2020 75000 23%
2021 100000 31%
2022 125000 38%
2023 150000 46%
2024 200000 62%
2025 250000 77%

Currently most Poles buy used, very old cars often imported from western Europe. However,Polish economy is growing faster than the West and one can expect that the sales of new cars as opposed to a ‘vintage,wrinkled’ Golf will be higher next decade so to hit 1 mln market share will not have to be so high. Cycling is also coming back big time at least in the areas I visit.

Those will be cars on road. A lot of people buy used cars from germamy. We will benefit from their offemsive too.

Renevables are also under legislation, along with air quality measures (clean air zones only but also for dwellings heating solutions)

1 million cars? Not that likely as our country can’t afford positive incentives (beyond maybe favorable building codex changes).

So maybe even more tax on gas, diesel and ICEs?

Poland is trying to diversify its energy sources when it comes to electricity generation, but they are still primarily using coal. But given their push for natural gas and renewables, that will be changing for the better.
But even if all the electricity was generated by coal, electric cars would still be bit cleaner than most cars and the main pollution source wouldn’t be in the center of the cities.

At least there is one tesla supercharger in Poland now.In fact it is so nicely positioned that I could use it while driving from Liverpool to my home town of Opole. And dc ones start to appear. It will take a bit longer then 2025 but with Poles buying used german cars we could expect 3-4 tear old golf gte’s to appear in couple years time. Slowly,slowly.

Kudos to Poland for setting an aggressive goal.

Would the U.S. have put a man on the moon in six years had Pres. Kennedy not made the challenge?

It is impossible. There are no incentives, no infrastructure, almost no chargers. There is no reason for Poles to buy these cars (apart from being passionazed about them).

Even the solar panels are now on hold as the new nationalist government is saing all money goes to the coal industry.

So even if one would like to have solar power are wind energy, there is almost no way to do it in an economic propes way.

Btw: the main responsible to bring these 1 million on road is the Polish Atomic Power Agency (there is none of these power plants in Poland).

POland has now highier subsidies for solar then UK, 70 gr per KWH – about 14 pence. That makes average 4 kwh system investment repayable in 5 years time. I think that is a pretty good deal. Unles something changed recently – thats what it was 2 months ago?

“I hereby order my people to buy xyz” – never a great policy.
Different German governments have reiterated the 1 million by 2020 plan. Not bloody likely at the moment.
Wishing it to happen, maybe, but for Poland that might actually work, since the market is now more mature and all. Pour some money into a charging infrastructure and it may work.

If the costs continue to fall then I think they will be popular. Bear in mind that to cut costs millions of Poles installed lpg at the cost of the boot capacity. Poland is the second biggest market for lpg in Europe. Once EVs are more affordable they will start gaining popularity. For Poland this target is only partly to do with reducing pollution. It is quite possibly also the result of strained relationship with its biggest oil & gas supplier.

And a move to attract LG …

Meh. Poland needs to wean itself off of coal first.

Yes, you are kind of right. But with all that coal that Poland is burning its emissions per capita are about 7.8 t, USA 16.5 t & green, wind and solar powered Germany 9.3