Plug-In Vehicles Now Hold 2 Of Top 5 Fastest-Ever Nurburgring Laps


By production road-legal vehicles.

The NIO EP9 electric hypercar set a new Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record on May 12,2017, improving its previous result from October 2016 by 19.22 seconds to a road-legal record of 6:45.900 s (six minutes, 45.900 seconds)!

Nio EP9 On The Ring

No other production car ever posted a faster lap time at the ‘Ring than the NIO EP9, not even the Lamborghini Huracán Performante, that turned in a time of 6:52.01 a couple months back.

NIO’s time is simply amazing, but the EP9 isn’t the only plug-in among the Top 5 fastest-ever laps of the Nurburging by road-legal production cars.

Standing in fifth place for its ‘Ring time is the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Autocar states:

The 918 Spyder has a hybrid-carbonfibre construction, a combustion engine and suspension set-up donated by a prototype racing car. It has a top speed of 214 mph.

Porsche 918 Spyder

5 – Porsche 918 Spyder – 6:57.00

So, with the new NIO EP9 time added in, we’ve now got 2 plug-ins in the Top 5 for best times ever at the Nurburging by road legal production cars.

Here’s the Top 5 rundown:

1 – Nio EP9 – 6:45.90
2 – Radical SR8LM – 6:48.00
3 – Lamborghini Huracan Performante – 6:52.01
4 – Radical SR8 – 6:56.08
5 – Porsche 918 Spyder – 6:57.00

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the next fastest pure EV with a documented time around the ‘Ring is the Toyota TMG EV P001 at 7:47.79, so the NIO’s EP9 blows it away.

Source: Autocar

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Now we just need a production EV to break the Dodge Challenger Demon’s time 9.65 second at 140mph quarter mile time. With 200 additional HP a Tesla could possibly do it, assuming it didn’t gain any more weight.

A truly desperate move by Chrysler. They may sell a few more Demons than NIO will EP9s, but then the EP9 has two seats and front tires. Good thing spotting Teslas isn’t like spotting the Dodo bird.

I wouldn’t call the Demon desperate at all. It’s a simple money grab. I’m surprised other auto makers don’t do it, too.

99% of the work was already done in principal by motorheads and performance enthusiasts both inside and outside the company. Buffing them up to OEM standards and offering them at a huge premium makes perfect sense.

They’re getting huge prices and didn’t even have to dedicate any research dollars to developing a new platform to get the money.

Actually pretty interesting story regarding the development of the Demon. 9.65 is quick. With pump gas and extra seats, car will still run in the 9s anyways. They figure it will draw people into the show rooms who will then buy Hellcats, etc.

Kind of interesting how it is going back and forth on the quickest American quarter mile time car, and these Nurburgring records. Hopefully EVs still have some left in the bag to represent!

But it’s so much complication and commotion compared to a battery and (bullet proof) electric motor. So what’s the future?

As I posted in your previous article mentioning Nio’s record, it has already been broken by McLaren.

The reason why we don’t include it, is because it doesn’t fit the definition of “production” road vehicle very cleanly.

The McLaren that beat the record is modified by Lanzante to be a “street legal” version of McLaren P1 GTE – as special ordered by a handful of customers who want to have one on the road.

It is still a pretty swell accomplishment

Also, here is a R&T article on the run.

Thanks for the clarification Jay. I feel it bears mentioning, as the Nio will also likely be available to only a handful of customers (is it available at all at this point?).

It is available, they originally planned to only make a handfull for investors. Now they are doing another batch if 10. After the record lap time i wouldnt be surprised if they make more.

And as other people kindly posted in your previous comment, McLaren did a 200m shorter lap than the Nio as they started the clock just before the first bend and yet finished at the stop line.

Aside from the LaFerrari, electric supercars will NEVER be track cars. The EP9 could do maybe 5-7 laps of the ring before the battery dies? The 4000lb 918 would be running on 600hp after the same time. Even the P1 would be low on power after some time. This doesn’t even include overheating, wear, and fade issues with all of the parts. The Huracan Performente, Viper ACR, 911 GT2 RS, Corvette ZR1, and any other gas powered track car will be far ahead of these hybrids and ev’s ten laps in.

Except NIO did the lap time on SLICK TIRES thus it doesn`t count. Read up on it before making these BS articles.

Huracan Performante still holds the record for production cars.