Plug-In Mercedes-Benz A-Class In Development


Mercedes-Benz has revealed some additional details on at least a few of its upcoming plug-in vehicles.

According to M-B, a new technical platform called the MFA 2 is coming soon, and this platform is being designed in such a way that every model built on it can and will get a plug-in hybrid version.

2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive (W 242) cirrus white - A New B-Class Plug-In Is In The Works Too

2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive (W 242) cirrus white – A New B-Class Plug-In Is In The Works Too

The MFA 2 platform will underpin multiple vehicles, including the A-Class, B-Class, CLA, GLA and other derivitives, so in theory all of those vehicles will be offered as plug-in hybrids in the coming years.

M-B says that most of its future PHEVs will feature turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines and twin-clutch automated gearboxes.

But wait…there’s more.

Some of these MFA 2 models will go full electric too. Both the A-Class and B-Class are expected to be offered in BEV versions on the new platform. First up would be the B-Class in late 2017 or early 2018. This BEV will be an in-house job, with no connections to Tesla (unlike the current B-Class). Then, in mid 2018, a BEV A-Class should follow suit.

We should also note that the earlier forecast for the new B-Class ED  is some ~500km/300+ miles ( on the NEDC rating system, so around 360km/225 miles real world).

So, expect at least a couple of new BEVs from M-B in the next year and a half or so, as well as multiple PHEVs riding on a platform designed from the ground up to support this type of powertrain.

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Good styling, offering PHEV and BEV is a smart move.

Nah, they are preparing their car range for a slow increase in Plug-In sales to match somthing like 25% BEVs+PHEVs in 2025. Thats like Nokia in 2008 saying 25% of all new phone sales might be smartphones in 2017.

Some people just want to disagree all the time.

1) That Green A-Class looks luscious.
2) With near exponential growth he might be right.
3) Today, I’d pick a plug in, but in 2 years???

The pics are of the current version.

The terms “platform”, “architecture” and “development tool kit” are too offen used interchangeably for me.

Will this also be the successor to the Smart / Twingo platform?

I don’t think it could… Compare the external dimensions of current A-/B- class to even the 4-seater Twingo, let alone the Smart ForTwo.

Hope they add CCS to the BEVs as standard.

I am hoping they are first to opt to use the Tesla Sipercharger network.

We will sooner see Tesla adding CCS before any other manufacturer supports Tesla SC.

I highly doubt that. MB is already in bed with Tesla, and has been for many years.

They have been, but I think someone fell out.

I’m talking about the highly intelligent possibility of MB getting the right to use Tesla’s supercharger nextwork.

The rest is deals already done.

The fact that B Class has no fast charger is a clue that they have a different way of thinking.

Nope, Mercedes is not planning to utilize Tesla’s network, but rather build a new 350kW CCS charging network – together with other auto manufacturers.


there was just a mainstream media article about long lines at superchargers over the holidays. it mentioned how that should increase considerably with the model 3 release. imagine now adding vehicles from other manufacturers to the equation.

the people at daimler are not fools. you WILL NOT see daimler adopting a proprietary charging system that is controlled by a competitor.

At least 2018 sounds better than 2020.

Daimler (Mercedes Benz) have waited a bit too long to enter the EV game more seriously?

We know that the Mercedes Benz B-Class ED has not been a very successfull EV (so far).

And the BMW i3 will be gaining popularity globally next year.

I wonder if, as sales gradually increase for the Bolt EV, if some of those sales will take a bite from the shorter EV range BMW i3 sales? Or also, the current shorter EV range VW eGolf sales?

I think the current EV from M-B, the B-Class ED, missed on a few things: No CCS or any DC QC option; Price to EV Range value; and Quantity / Availability!

As to North America, I have not heard them being any more motivated than GM for investing in charging infrastructure, either.

The BMW i3 range, even for the 33 kWh model is what:EPA rated at 114 miles? Also, the Rex version, about 186 miles?

So, the Bolt EV takes you farther per charge than the BEV i3, AND the i3 Rex, at about 220 miles highway, 238 combined, and about 252 miles city!

And, is not the Premium level Bolt EV even less $$ than the base i3? Imagine if the Bolt EV went Carbon Fiber! (Or BMW stuck 45-60 kWh in the i3!)

I wonder if GM at some time in the future, will make a new Voltec PHEV drive train, borrowing from the Bolt EV AND the Volt?

Imagine a Cadillac or Buick variant, with 60 kWh, plus EREV capabilities, and a under 6.0 second 0-60, plus CCS fast charging standard included!

That could be good in a small Pickup, too! Even better, put the Bolt Drive motor in the Rear, the Volt Drive train in the front, the Bolt battery in between, and give it some 10 gallons of gas: anyone want a 200 miles EV range, plus about 600 miles of total range, 4 Wheel Drive, light pickup?

That combo could do well in future SUV’s, too!

Wow. You’ve got a great idea there, but, don’t tell GM.
If they went Carbon-Fibre on the Bolt, and put in real independent suspension.

“Imagine a Cadillac or Buick variant, with 60 kWh, plus EREV capabilities, and a under 6.0 second 0-60, plus CCS fast charging standard included! ”

Scratch EREV. Scratch DCFC. Scratch sub-6-sec 0-60.

I need a luxury replacement for my ELR that is more like a CUV and fully battery powered. Anything over 400mi and I do something else rather than drive there. I don’t need DCFC for my use case. ELR at ~8sec is quick enough.

Basically, I want an autonomous Model Y RWD.

I’ll wait while you guys at GM figure that out.

There are rumours that the i3 might be updated to ~50 kWh and then being in the ~180 miles area next year.

Then it would be at almost the same level before the Bolt/Ampera-E is even sold in most places.