Plug-Ins Eating Diesel Market Share In Norway

JUN 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

A few years ago diesel cars were in the majority for many European countries, as diesel was favored by governments on various levels.

In more recent years however, diesel has been in retreat. France has even introduced incentives to scrap old diesels, with Volkswagen’s DieselGate only adding “fuel to the fire“.

An especially good example of the accelerated erosion of diesel is in Norway, where thanks to strong support of plug-ins, diesel has lost half of its market share in just three years.

We are now probably just months away from when diesel fallsĀ under 30% market share, as it turns out, diesel’s market share is being shown eaten by plug-ins with a very high correlation.

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Aren’t many of Europe’s PHEVs diesel based? Like the Volvo V60, for example. Their numbers don’t look like they are dropping if you add them up.

V60 D6 no longer available in Austria.
Maybe the SPA 60 series is nearer than I thought.

Only the V60 and Audi Q7 etron have diesel engines.

Europe’s best selling phev’s (outlander, golf, Passat.etc) all have gas engines.

Impressive graph.

Awesome. Let the trend continue.

I have a diesel Toyota in Europe,but most of the time I live in Canada…what a difference to drive my smooth Kia Optima hybride…compared to the noisy,rattling,smoking european Toyota!!!!!!(very low 4.4 liter diesel consumption though)…..but at what an environmental,unpleasant noisy price!!!

then why not sell it if it sucks so much?

It’s 2016, who wants a used diesel? 5 years from now, they are going to be scrap value.