Plug-Ins Already Provide Half Of BYD Vehicle Sales Profit

MAR 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

BYD Song

BYD Song to be next plug-in hybrid model on the market in China

Over the past several years BYD has switched from a fast growing conventional carmaker, to more and more of a fast growing plug-in vehicle maker.

According to, alternative energy vehicles profits now represents half of all BYD’s cumulative profits from vehicle sales. In 2014, it was around 27%.

To be fair, part of the reason for the gains is that BYD has not invested that much in conventional models in recent years.

“Recently, Chinese domestic carmaker BYD has announced that its net profits in 2015 jumped 552.63% to totally 2.829 billion rmb [$435 million].”

If BYD is able double its NEVs sales (pure electric and plug-in hybrids) in 2016 as it has suggested (some 120,000-140,000 units), then the company’s automotive division will mostly depend on plug-in vehicles and their acceptance.

By the end of 2016, 10 NEV models will be available at BYD.

Wang Liusheng, an industrial expert, said:

“The profits of alternative energy vehicles in BYD will totally exceed that of conventional fuel vehicles with sales revenue around 50 billion to 55 billion rmb.”


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Imagine if Americans woke up and stopped buying monster trucks, realizing they do more harm than good…
and suck as single occupant commuters…
That’ll never happen.

But they need them to transport their guns!

Hmm… maybe if someone developed an electric gun they would get interested in electric vehicles as well.

Guns aren’t much a problem. But trying to carry 100lb deer in EV is a problem. I guess lots of tarp might work if there’s DCFC along the way.

I can put two 100 lb. deer in my leaf

The percentage of Anericans who hunt – 5%. They wouldn’t even affect the margins if they stuck to driving on dinosaur juice.

If an EV can’t carry a 100lb Deer, I guess I won’t be buying THAT EV, because I weigh 2.5 of those Deers!

Anyway, you can put about 30 of those 100 lb Deer on a trailer and pull behind your Tesla Model X (with 19″ tires)!

If you go alone with a tiny sack, of course you can fit one or two in EV. But generally, you go with a buddy and gear for field which makes fitting extras in the car very difficult. It’s too bad Rav4EV is discontinued; it could’ve been very good with DCFC.

You could fit a pretty big deer in the back of the Model S. Put the gear in the frunk.

… if you didn’t mind getting the blood on your Model S interior.

an electric gun, like a railgun? Yes a lot of people seem pretty interested into railguns. They are also shown in action films. EVs not so much (yet).

electric monster trucks are cool (source:

Time to double your PEV production, BYD!

can please sell the cars in Northern America

“BYD has switched from a fast growing conventional carmaker”

I think BYD was a battery company before it became a carmaker.

Yes, but it did build ICE cars during the Chinese auto market boom and then started to build EVs as it naturally had the battery advantage and little to no advantage in traditional ICE market…

Wait! Half of their profit is coming from plug-in cars???
Does that mean that GM, Ford, M-B, BMW, Toyota, Honda, etc etc etc have been lying to us that EVs are not profitable??

Due to the fast growth of EVs Market in China these year, the profit of plug-in cars go fast!

No, it just means that BYD suck at building conventional ICE cars which is true.