Plug-In Vehicle Education and Ride and Drives Now Must-Have Features at Auto Shows Around the Globe


Snippet of Press Release from 2013 New York Auto Show

Snippet of Press Release from 2013 New York Auto Show…Most Auto Shows Host Similar EV Events

A few years back, plug-in vehicles were a rarity at auto shows.  Now, some plug-ins take center stage on the show circuit.

2013 NYC Auto Show Banner

2013 NYC Auto Show Banner

It’s the on-stage debuts that grab the headlines, but it’s the off-stage setups that seek to drive sales of plug-in vehicles through education.

Nearly all of the international auto shows now incorporate some sort of plug-in vehicle “pavilion.”  It’s here that the public can ride in and, sometimes even drive, vehicles from several automakers.

In addition to the ride and drive events, representatives from the various automakers are always on hand to display charging procedures, to explain the various technological gadgets throughout the vehicles and to explain range and how plug-in vehicles differ from their gasoline counterparts.

Talk often focuses on “fuel” cost savings and can even turn to cost of ownership and return on investment.

Right now, at the 2013 New York Auto Show, there’s a representative example of this plug-in vehicle “pavilion” setup.  Called the EV Pavilion, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Smart and Toyota have plug-in vehicles outside of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  Rides in the plug-ins are part of the setup and all of the automakers have reps available to answer questions.

As we’ve suggested in the past, there are two ways to convince the general public that plug-in vehicles are a suitable alternative to conventional autos.  One is to put them behind the wheel.  The other is to educate.  Both of these acts are now being accomplished at auto shows across the globe.


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The real problem I see is that most of the people who go to auto-shows are already car enthusiasts and most likely somewhat familiar with EVs already. When I go to the Dallas auto show I see most of the people looking at the plug-in vehicles appear to already have some basic information about them. But the general driving public is really clueless.

As a counter point, consider how many car enthusiasts regularly blow off EVs as “not real cars”. If you get a gear head behind the wheel of an EV and convert him, he will “spread the good word”.

Driving the Volt and Leaf with my friends at the car show convinced them the Volt was much more solidly built. The Leaf doors seemed like tin cans after going directly from the Volt to Leaf….