US Plug-In Vehicle Sales Up 84% in 2013


Nissan LEAF Sales Skyrocketed in 2013

Nissan LEAF Sales Skyrocketed in 2013

With the final tally for 2013 now in the books, we can report that 2013 sales of plug-in vehicles increased by ~84% over the 52,000 + sold in 2012.

Upwards We Go

Upwards We Go

As the Detroit News reports:

“In 2013, automakers sold nearly 49,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles — up 27 percent over 2012 — and 47,600 electric vehicles — up 241 percent, according to data complied by Ward’s Automotive.”

With sales of both plug-in hybrid and BEVs up, how did the rest of the alt-fuel segments fare?

According to the Detroit News:

“…traditional hybrid sales jumped 15.3 percent to 489,413 — a record… Diesel sales also climbed 10 percent to nearly 450,000 in 2013.”

So, both PHEVs and BEVs outpaced hybrids and diesel in year-over-year growth in sales.

Source: Detroit News

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Do those diesel sales numbers include trucks? I’m guessing so, cause that would be a huge number for the VW diesels and handful of other diesel passenger vehicles.