Plug-In Vehicle Sales in US Roll Past 100,000 Unit Milestone

MAY 20 2013 BY STAFF 7

100,000-Plus and Counting

100,000-Plus and Counting

“In a first for American transportation, the U.S. plug-in car market will pass a significant milestone this month: the 100,000th plug-in vehicle sold since the introduction of the latest generation of highway-capable plug-in vehicles just over two years ago.”

That’s the word from plug-in advocacy group Plug In America who has tracked sales with a counter on it site that’s regularly updated based on “data from the most recent published sales reports.”

Tom Saxton, Plug In America’s chief science officer, adds this:

100,000-Plus and Counting

100,000-Plus and Counting

“Our current estimate, based on monthly sales figures from automakers, is that the 100,000th highway-capable plug-in vehicle will be sold on May 20.”

Here some additional highlights related to this historic moment, according to Plug In America:

Source: Plug In America

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However, under Obama’s stated goal from several years ago, we were supposed to be at 1,000,000 in 2015.

Well… I think we’ll reach at least half of that number by then. If trends continue I think we should easily have 500,000 sold by 2015. However, I wouldn’t rule it out that we could sell 1,000,000 by then, but I don’t think it is likely.

The problem that goal is that by the end of 2015 we will just be starting to get second generation EVs/PHEVs. Sales will see a big bump upward in gen 2, then another larger one in gen 3.

“Chevy Volt drivers alone have logged over 187-million electric miles”

I’ll add they are averaging over 500,000 EV miles/day, with the trend increasing.
If those miles had been driven in a 25mpg gas car, that would be 20,000 gallons of fuel/day.

seems to me someone had a website that summarized the numbers 🙂

The more electrical cars on the road, the more peoples are going to talk about it and when they find out that the maintenance is lower, sales could increase exponentially.

That may not apply in this case, but normally the time it take to penetrate 10% of the market is the time it takes to penetrate 90%. So if take 2 years to have 10% penetration, it will take another 2 years for 90% penetration

100,000 people each on facebook tell all their friends…