Plug-In Van And Full Size SUV Coming To Chrysler Starting In 2016

MAY 6 2014 BY JAY COLE 19

Chrysler's New Five Year Plan Has TWO Plug-In Vehicles In It!

Chrysler’s New Five Year Plan Has TWO Plug-In Vehicles In It!

The Chrysler brand laid their “5 year plan” for the future on the table to today.

It Has Been A Looooong Time Since We Have Heard Of A Plug-In Plug-In Town & Country Program

It Has Been A Looooong Time Since We Have Heard Of A Plug-In Town & Country Program

Executives said that the brand will compete in all segments, which would appear to include the plug-in segment as well!

So beside new cars like the 100 compact (think Dodge Dart) to go up against the Corolla in 2016,  a new 300 and a new crossover, Chrysler is once again going to make a plug-in Town & Country minivan… Déjà vu to 2008 and ‘old’ Chrysler’s ENVI program?

Past this plug-in van which will be released in 2 years time, for 2017 Chrysler is going to launch a full size plug-in SUV as well (which might end up a Dodge or Jeep in reality).

There is scant details on either vehicle at this time, but Chrysler CEO/President Al Gardner said that the van will get “75 miles per gallon”.

Naturally this 75 mpg statement could mean just about anything when it comes to the van’s electric abilities and how it operates, but we will cut Mr. Gardner some slack as hardly anyone at the Fiat-owner Chrysler has been able to utter anything publically about a plug in years.

What we know for sure is both the new products will be PHEVs, and that Chrysler’s original ambitions were to put 35-40 miles of electric range into their converted EVs.

Regardless of whatever capabilities the plug-in projects end up having,  we welcome Chrysler back into the fold…and commend them for not making another compact electric car.

If interested, one can check out Chrysler’s full 5 year plan (in 38 page PDF form) here.

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2016? Don’t rush things now, Chrysler. *eyeroll*

You’ll be a generation behind Nissan and GM at that point. Heck, even VW will be ahead of you.

Yeah, I remember the ENVI program. I’m not holding my breath this time either.

Ah good times. I actually broke the news that ENVI had disbanded (on the down-low) back in the fall of 2009. I was not Fiatsler’s best friend back then, lol

Other reports coming out of the Chrysler presentation: Mild hybrids coming AFTER the plug-ins. A Chrysler powertrain executive is quoted as saying electrification is overblown by the media. These companies just don’t get it…

“A Chrysler powertrain executive is quoted as saying electrification is overblown by the media.”

The Chrysler executive says that because, at 1/10 of 1% of the market, electrification is in fact overblown by the media.

Chrysler and Audi can have a press release concept car sales competition!

Indeed. Both companies are famous for the electric vaporware cars.

It is good that they focus on Minivan and SUV first. Those are the biggest gas guzzlers.


See just because they cancel a program doesn’t mean that it goes away for good. The tech is still there.

That’s why we will see GM bring back the 2 mode Silverado truck… an aluminum body and 20 miles AER.

I would love to see plug-in minivans. But I’m not getting my hopes up with this company.

I’ll be in line for the plugin minivan. Been waiting for a 7 seater plugin under 40k since 2007. I think it’ll do well. Disappointed gm is letting their lead slip. Now if used teslas are 30k in 2 years I’d probably go that route but not holding my breath.

Maybe you can go halvsies on a VIA Suburban w/the neighbor.


For those complaining about the 2016 time frame, what other manufacturers will have an full size SUV or minivan plug in before then?

Mitsubishi & Tesla.

The Mitsubishi would be great but isn’t a seven seater (minivans are more practal kid haulers anyway). The model x would be the best choice but personally I can’t justify spending that much on a car though I do believe its worth the price. I’m just too damn cheap.

evnow, are you referring to the Model X and Oulander PHEV? Try again. Those vehicles don’t compare with full size (or many mid size) SUV’s or minivans.

Tesla’s Model S and X may offer third row seating but their utility is very limited due to their jelly bean shape. I couldn’t put a large dog crate behind the 2nd row and close the gate, the way you could with a Durango, Pilot, Odyssey , Sienna or Town and Country.

I hope the Outlander PHEV makes it here. The Outlander it is based on isn’t much bigger than a Rav4 though (which once had a 3rd seat to). Compared to a Full Size SUV it is very small.

Wow, a bit of deja vu all over again! In 1998 I set up a lease of 12 (Daimler) Chrysler Electric Powered Interurban Commuter vans, known as EPICs, for the Harbor City, CA post office, making it the first all-electric drive post office in the US. They already had five converted Long Life Vans with lead acid batteries, so they were the perfect test bed. The EPICs were based on Plymouth/Dodge Voyager/Town and Country vehicles, with NiMH battery packs that were “projected” to go 90 miles, at speeds of up to 80 MPH. They were leased through GSA, and we got a big discount and incentive from California. The letter carriers, loved, them, the postmaster loved them, the customers loved them, but when the lease ran out in 1999, Daimler/ Chrysler demanded they be returned, and you know what happened next. A Daimler/Chrysler executive told me the battery packs cost $90,000 and were hand made in France. They were strictly compliance vehicles, never to see the light of day for consumers, although a few civilians were able to lease them as well. I still have the VHS training video we showed to the carriers on how to drive them. From… Read more »

We have a Chevy Volt and a Mitsubishi i-miev for our daily driving (I hate to buy gasoline),
So we allow our son to drive our 1997 Chrysler town and country. Last night I rode with him to the store. I sat in the back with the seat reclined and nice cool A/c coming from the overhead rear cabin A/c vents. I thought to myself “this is really comfortable with lots of room and this thing rides like brand new!” Amazing for a 17 year old vehicle. If it didn’t burn gas at the clip of a gallon every 16.5 miles I’d be tempted to take it back. Chrysler’s looking to electrify a vehicle that nobody else has done! A really great people hauler! This may be the revival of the mini-van.