Plug-In Pic of the Day: Peugeot iOn is Half Its Original Size After Crash


Non-Wrecked Peugeot iOn

Non-Wrecked Peugeot iOn

Information on this wreck isn’t readily available to us, but thanks to one of our devoted readers, we’re able to piece together a bit of this puzzling puzzle.

A Peugeot iOn was traveling on a two-lane road somewhere in Germany.  The driver of the iOn was attempting to turn into the parking lot of a golf course, but that was not accomplished, as the pint-sized Peugeot was strcuk from behind by what appears to be an Audi station wagon that was moving at a high rate of speed.

Both drivers were “seriously injured,” say our devoted reader, who adds that one was “flown to hospital with rescue helicopter.”  We can only hope that both survived the wreck.

The Audi doesn’t appear too damaged, though we’re sure it’s beyond a repairable state.  On the other hand, the Peugeot iOn has all but vanished, as it now seems to be roughly half the size of when it departed the factory.

Hat tip to Surprise Cat!

For more images of the crash scene, follow the link below.

Source: Chiemgau24

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What’s the point of this post? Slow news day? This isn’t AutoblogGreen, Eric. I expect the quality of the content here to be much higher.

How does it look half its size? And how can we judge the Audi station wagon if there is no photo of it for us to see?


Look through the pictures above. The car is nowhere near 1/2 its original size. Given that it was hit at a high rate of speed, the car fared well. Both front doors were undamaged and could open. That’s better than many small cars would do in a similar accident.

That being said, I agree with Dave R. — this kind of content has no place on this site. Unless you’re being paid by the article. Even then, please make it worth our time to read.

What a sad sight. My high school was six miles from Chieming. At least the iOn didn’t burst into flames. That would certainly have gotten more media attention. The 52-year old Peugeot driver was seriously hurt, and the Audi driver came sustained what was described as light injuries. Here is a link to the full article:

Still good to know it all worked out, EV are safe when engineered by big western car companies.
I’m always more worried about that flammable liquid called gasoline in the states or petrol in OZ!

The accident happened in a small vilage near Chieming in Bavaria in the south of Germany. The iOn Driver happened to be seriously injured. The Audi driver suffered minor injuries.

Link with more pictures of the wrecked iOn:

Since the accident happened on a country road the impact speed might have been somewhere between 80 an 100 kph.