Plug-In Pic Of The Day: Dark Blue Tesla Model S Has A Bad Day


While we spend all our time reviewing what is new and exciting in the world of plug-in cars, we also come across a good bulk of random plug-in news items that really don’t have a proper place on the site; but sometimes (especially when it comes to crashed EVs – a guilty pleasure of ours) we host them anyway.

Today, we offer up a picture of a 2013 Tesla Model S (85 kW) that appears to have taken some serious side impact damage, and is now awaiting repairs in Dallas, Texas.

WreckExotics (who found the car) notes that “…the crumple zone looks like it did a great job absorbing the impact.”

…it appears as though nothing is going right for Tesla in Texas these days.

via WreckedExotics

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8 responses to "Plug-In Pic Of The Day: Dark Blue Tesla Model S Has A Bad Day"
  1. MTN Ranger says:

    How is this bad for Tesla? They get paid by the insurance company to fix it. Sounds like making money to me.

  2. kdawg says:

    Looking for a used Tesla S? Check the CarFax. 🙂

  3. kdawg says:

    Just noticed this was Texas. So what happens when Tesla has to shut down all of its service centers? How do you get this fixed?

  4. Suprise Cat says:

    Peugeot Ion (IMiev) got hit into back with hight speed while he was tuning into a golf place driveway. Both drivers seriously injured, one got flown to hospital with rescue helicopter.

  5. Josh says:

    I think this is actually a blue Model S.

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      Think you’re right…Maybe the writer of this one is color blind…lol

      1. Josh says:

        That blue just doesn’t show well in pictures. It does usually look black. I saw one in person (I was actually chasing it down on a Houston highway to give the thumbs up) and it looks pretty sharp.

  6. James says:

    How can they fix that? Witht he frame damage, I’d have thought they’d total it unless very new. Impressed they can restore the car back.