Plug-In Jeep Yuntu In Shanghai Points To Future US Product – Photos & Videos

APR 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

Here we have introduction of the first plug-in hybrid Jeep , the Yuntu, which is intended for the Chinese market (as it has made its debut from the 2017 Shanghai International Automotive Show).

While initially showing off a plug-in Jeep in China might seem odd, it also may just be a warm-up for a similar product’s debut in the US, as the 7-seat SUV you see here is likely production bound for America in some way for next year.  

In other words, the Yuntu shown today is actually an off-shoot of the US development program, and has been translated to an IP sharing project under the GAC-Fiat joint venture in China; and as Auto Shanghai is a major show for the brand in the region, it is breaking cover there first.

Of note: Also check out the deep photo gallery of the Yuntu below.

Jeep Yuntu

Why do we think this Jeep model shown in China this month is headed to US production?

Three years ago the company offered a Nissan-esque “five year” business plan to investors that had a couple curious notes we picked up on.

Wait, what is that there for 2017 production again? A full size crossover for 7 you say?

  • a planned Town & Country plug-in minivan headed to production in late 2016: which as we know now (with the death of the T&D branding) ultimately became the 33 mile, extended range Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (that just starting arriving this month)
  • a planned Full Size plug-in crossover that seats seven to begin production in late 2017

So, this Jeep Yuntu would seem to fit that bill.

Of course to be fair, FCA could have another 7 seat, plug-in utility vehicle concept waiting in the wings somewhere to introduce for this Fall’s US autoshow season.

…but that seems unlikely from what we have seen out of the company since the Fiat takeover.

Whichever road FCA will choose for the electrification of the mystery “full size crossover”, lets enjoy the live photos and videos of what could be.

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep Yuntu

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Very cool. Perhaps this will be the Grand Cherokee in the US. Hopefully it will use the same power train as the Town and Country with its 33mi EV range.

The Pacifica PHEV becoming the basis for an SUV PHEV makes all kinds of sense.

The 7-seat FCA platform “waiting in the wings” is likely the rumored US$130k Wagoneer, complete with its retro “woody” option. They’ve been flirting with us all for years.

Now, whether they’ll make it PHEV is anybody’s guess, but many folks think we’re at a moment where you can’t seriously introduce a $130k car that doesn’t at least have the performance advantages of energy recovery (and thus high torque with low MPG). And Dodge/Jeep have no shortage of ICE guzzlers in all “light truck” US product segments, including diesel.

Doing a 7-seater PHEV right is somewhat complicated by FCA’s billion-dollar tie up with ZF for transmissions. Most (all?) US sourced ones don’t have embedded stators for PHEVs that are truly geared (like my BMW). Maybe the Pacifica powerplant is a harbinger of things to come?

Correction: “..high torque with low fuel consumption (i.e., high MPG).”

Sorry. My bad.

Why so many screens in the car?

Because China’s smog make it impossible to see outside?