Plug-In Infiniti Sports Car Within 3 Years – Like A Tesla, But With More Range

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Infiniti To Bring Plug-In Sports Car To Market Within 3 Years Using Technology From The Emerg-e

Infiniti To Bring Plug-In Sports Car To Market Within 3 Years Using Technology From The Emerg-e

Using knowledge gained from the Emerg-e and Essence concept electric vehicles, Infiniti will launch an electric sports car within the next three years (by 2016) in a report put out by AutoCar.

Infiniti EMERG-E Concept At The GoodWood Festival Of Speed In 2012

Infiniti Emerg-e Concept At The GoodWood Festival Of Speed In 2012

And this time, the Nissan-Renault alliance is mostly like going to be producing their first extended range plug-in vehicle, with the thinking that it will be taking on the likes of the Tesla Model S.

Infiniti brand boss Andy Palmer, said of final product being “like the Tesla sports car option, but with more flexibility in terms of range.”

So, unless Infiniti is really upping the ante on battery technology to pass the 85 kWh lithium ion pack found in the Model S or the 56 kWh found in the Roadster, a range extender of some kind must be in play.

Previously, the Emerge-e concept had a 1.2L engine coupled to two electric motors giving it 402 hp that propelled the car to 60 mph in 4 seconds, while hitting 130 mph from a standstill in 13 seconds.  Range on just electric power is 30 miles.

And it is not just a showroom concept, it actually raced (and subsequently broke down) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, showing that Infiniti is serious about building a performance electric car.

Essence Concept Designed To Show "What Is Next" From Infiniti

Essence Concept Designed To Show “What Is Next” From Infiniti

The second vehicle giving us some clues as to what Infiniti’s new “halo” sports car will bring, is the Essence concept that the company built for its 20th anniversary party back in 2009.

The Essence concept had a 3.7L V6 twin turbo engine rated at 320 kW/430 hp alongside an electric motor rated at 120 kW/160 hp with 500 N·m/370 lb·ft of torque.  A combined 590 hp would certainly make an attractive super-car package.

When the Essence debuted at the Geneva show in 2009, Infiniti was quick to say that this particular car would not be going into production, but elements from the car were planned to be incorporated into a later Infiniti model.

Separately, Infiniti will launch a premium all-electric car, the LE, to be built alongside the Nissan LEAF in Smyrna, TN in 2014.


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So is it a 2-seater or 5-seater? Not sure if they are comparing to Model S or the Roadster, can Mr. Palmer clarify?

Model S will be sporting AWD by that time, so I hope they set the performance bar clearly ahead of the current Model S specs, if that is indeed the target. They should really be looking at the Porsche and McClarin as competitors in that space, more than Tesla.

I like the design. I think it looks better than a Tesla Roadster or Model S.

Looks like a 2 seat sports car to me. It will be hard to beat Tesla on range, SuperCharging ,long life liquid cooled batteries and price. They also have a 5 seat LE coming in a few year too. Imagine what Tesla will offer in 2 or 3 years!

A little late don’t you think? When’s the LE EV coming out?


This article is a teaser, it raised more questions than it answered.

I would like a Miata like mostly ev sports car with a decent range. If that means a 2 cylinder gas engine , tank, and a smallish battery and ev motor, than so be it.

I bought my Tesla roadster for 2 reasons only : Looks, and decent ev range ( up to 244 miles). The fast acceleration was a plus, but I don’t need that for my next ev. But if someone could make a decent looking roadster that would be great.

I’m thinking along the lines of those ‘sports car kits’ that turned 36 or 40 hp vw 6 volt beetles into ‘sports cars’. from 50 years ago.
They weren’t high performance by any means, but they were cheap and looked great.