Plug-In Hybrids Pushes EV Market Share In Sweden Above 3%


Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – October 2016 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – October 2016 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Sweden is one of the largest plug-in electric car markets by market share.  In recent months, thanks to strong demand for plug-in hybrids, sales have exceeded 3%, and in October reached 3.4%.

Volkswagen Passat GTE Variant

Volkswagen Passat GTE Variant

Monthly EV sales now typically hit the 4-digit mark in the country, and after 10 months a total of 10,873 have been registered. That’s already more than the 9,039 from all of 2015.

As one would expect from the rather colder climate of Sweden, plug-in hybrids are at the forefront of sales…at least until more affordable long range electric vehicle solutions are available.

Overall just six models made up more than 70% of sales – and of those, only 2 all-electric vehicles make the list at #5 and #6.

  1. Volkswagen Passat GTE – 3,359
  2. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV –  1,276
  3. Volvo V60 PHEV – 981
  4. Volvo XC90 T8 – 764
  5. Nissan LEAF – 702
  6. Tesla Model S – 655

Also of note:  The Tesla Model X stands 12th overall with 174 sales this year, 34 of them in October (good for 7th).

source: EV Sales Blog

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Meh… it could have been so much more. Being at 1/10th of the percentage of Norway is just embarrassing. And the reason is spelled Volvo, for two reasons (which are linked to each other). 1. They have 20% of the total car market but they don’t offer enough plugins (and the ones they offer are very expensive). The V70 (now V90) is super popular and so is the XC60, what difference a plug on those two models would do. 2. The government do not dare to put and incentives and disincentives (a small tax related to emissions on new cars and higher incentives up to $6 700) that might be negative for Volvo. So they have done what they can to delay such measures as long as possible. They should have been in place a few years back but the last word right now is from 2018 (when Volvo has had time to put all models on the new platforms which allows EVs). And as a side note, the cold is not that relevant. What is relevant though are the long distances in a large and long country, the high speed (normal cruising speed on freeways are 140 km/h (~87… Read more »

Do you happen to know what Sweden’s gas tax is?

Hint: It’s $3.10 per gallon.

Yes I do, what about it?

You forgot the VAT. In 2016 the average tax payed for gas was $3,66 per gallon in Sweden.
Out of a total price at the pump of $5.51 per gallon.

The reason is economy. The phev VW pasat is cheeper than any other VW pasat due to lower taxes when leasing the car through your company. People don’t care about environment, they care about their own wallet.