Plug-In Hybrids Outsell EVs in UK For First Time Ever in July

AUG 8 2014 BY MARK KANE 17

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Number of plug-in car registrations reached the second highest level ever in the UK in July and, at the same time, sales of PHEVs for the very first time exceeded sales for BEVs.

From 1,052 registrations 552 were PHEVs (up 89% year over year), while BEVs accounted for 500 (up 800% year over year).

We are of course curious which models did so well in July and we found out that the leader is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which must have more than 450 registrations!

“The arrival of the much anticipated Outlander PHEV is helping the company’s sales success. In July Outlander PHEV outsold all other vehicles which qualify for the governments Plug-in Car Grant, accounting for 43% of successful applications. This car has received huge levels of public interest, driven by the vehicle’s outstanding fuel consumption of 148mpg and low emission credentials – 44g/km.”

The British market is growing with more than 4,500 plug-in cars sold so far this year.

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Since when is a PHEV not an EV, or PEV (Plugin EV)?

Did you mean PHEVs out-sold AEV (All-Electric Vehicles)?

FYI: Jan 2013 in the above graph. July 2014 not the first ever. 😉

I think, the right term is BEV (Battery-only EV). BEV, PHEV, FCEV, …( you pick your letters and put them together).

Outlander PHEV is an outstanding practical car that is priced right; lots of room and still gets most of the miles electric. I guess, you can choose electric mode when inside crowded London city, to reduce inner city pollution.

Even in US, PHEVs are doing far better than BEVs. Just look at the rise of Toyota’s plug-in. Granted, much of that is driven by California’s HOV sticker policy. Most just buy the most practical car that gets them an HOV Sticker, and Toyota Prius PIP is a front runner in that.

USA PHEV vs. BEV sales for 2014 … are almost equally split.

Month PHEVs BEVs
Jan. 2,934 2,971
Feb. 3,721 3,324
Mar. 4,594 4,578
Apr. 4,718 4,187
May. 6,651 5,802
Jun. 6,511 4,982
Jul. 5,740 5,693

– from Sales Dashboard at:

How is it a split when just about every month except for Jan that PHEV beat BEV sales?

That is 6-1 domination.

Meh news but worrisome.

We don’t need more “fake” PHEVs like the Plug-in Prius hogging the scant charging infrastructure available. The PiP has 6 miles of range, next gen will have 10 miles. And for that, it gets a plug????

Prius PIP has 11 miles electric range, not 6.

The PiP has:
– an EPA AER of 6 miles
– an EPA blended range of 11 miles, rated to use 0.022galUS during those miles.

Are you posting in the right article? What does the plug-in Pruis have to do with anything?

Don’t worry about Europe neither the regular Prius or the Prius plug-in is popular.
The Prius plug-in has 1% of total EV sales in Europe and more likely to lose even that marginal market share since PHEV’s of popular models are being introduced.

In Europe we tend to buy diesels for good mileage instead of hybrids and low AER plug ins.

Our cars are also increasingly fitted with stop/start which is a kind of very mild hybrid and decreases the fuel mileage differential with full hybrids.

I would disagree with Michael though, and I expect to see increasing interest in hybrids and mild plug ins as the full damage caused by diesel it taken on board and legislation and incentives increasingly reflect this.

And I disagree with you. There is no reason to believe that we will go from diesels to hybrids/mild plug-ins.

Harder regulations and incentives will move the market away from pure petrol and diesel cars but straight into real PHEV’s or BEV’s.

And by real I mean minimum 8 kWh batteries that will take the car at least 30-40 km on electricity and therefor be able to do a normal commute on electricity.

With Paris half shut down during a period in the summer due to particulates, and London in line to incur heavy fines , and by heavy I mean in the hundreds of millions, the mood and likely the incentives are turning against diesels.

The Outlander PHEV costs around the same as the diesel version, and with an AER of around 22 miles will do perhaps 8,000 miles a year without using petrol if you drive it for more than 22 miles every day.
Of course, if you can charge it somewhere during the day then that goes way up, and a lot of charging stations are being installed.
Exemption from the London congestion charge is worth £10 per day for those who drive in central London

Not surprisingly the Outlander is popular, and it is about to be joined by a host of other cars mainly from the VW group with a similar AER.

Sounds like a bump from early Outlander demand. Impossible to pick up long term trends from a single month.

Several other PHEV and BEVs are coming to the UK market shortly, notably from the VW group.
Expect further bumps!

Got any expected sales start dates for the EV’s expected to start selling in the UK?

Ford C-MAX Energi is launching in the UK later this year which should help boost PHEV sales a bit more.

I doubt it when the E-Golf will be on sale which doesn’t lose half its trunk cramming the batteries into a car designed for a combustion engine only.

A kludge has limited appeal when properly designed alternatives are available.

Ford is a very bland low price brand here so I highly doubt the C-MAX energy will sell in any noticable numbers unless priced extremely competetive.