Plug-In Hybrid Chevy Express and GMC Savana Coming in 2015 Courtesy of Echo Automotive


Echo Header

Echo Header

Echo Automotive touts itself as a “developer of technologies enabling the cost-effective aftermarket addition of fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid capability to new or existing vehicles.”

Most of Echo's Work is Focused on Ford Products

Most of Echo’s Work is Focused on Ford Products

The EchoDrive PHEV syste, will soon find a place in Model Year 2010-2014 GM 2500 and 3500 vans, including the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana.

Production of those PHEVs will begin in Q1 of 2015.

Per Echo:


“The Chevrolet Express is second only to Ford E-Series vans in North American commercial fleet registrations, and trails only the E-Series and Dodge Caravan in government fleet registrations, according to the most recent statistics published by Business Fleet. EchoDrive currently is available for Ford E-Series vans.”

Echo PHEV System

Echo PHEV System

Dan Kennedy, CEO of Echo Automotive, stated:

“The addition of support for the Chevrolet Express platform is a natural expansion for EchoDrive from both a technical and a market perspective, and one that allows more fleets to benefit more fully from our EchoDrive plug-in hybrid system.  We look forward to demonstrating the impact EchoDrive delivers to fleet managers in reducing operating costs, delivering greater fuel efficiency and promoting sustainability across both the Ford and GM platforms.”

As for how Echo operates, here are some details on the process:

“EchoDrive delivers a non-invasive plug-in hybrid solution for new or existing vehicles without high infrastructure costs. It offers fleet managers a low-cost point of entry to high fuel efficiency as well as a long product lifespan and financing options that make shorter return-on-investment possible. A nationwide network of industry-leading install and service providers supports the EchoDrive system.”

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Why isn’t GM building this stuff? Morons.

“Most of Echo’s Work is Focused on Ford Products”
Apparently Ford is missing the boat even more.

Nice mudder tires on that see-thru cutaway Echo van!

This isn’t a hint of a 4WD version is it? OK,
I thought not.

That’s it, GM and Ford (and …), keep dragging your feet on plug-in vehicles, keep doing the absolute minimum to not look dumber than a box of rocks.

And in 5 to 10 years, when the EV revolution really takes off and you’re teetering on the precipice, you can be sure we’ll shed a tear for your self-inflicted plight.

You can sure tell Lutz has left GM and his positive influence. At Via, Lutz will have vehicles with 22-24 kwh batteries to start.

4.6 to 9.2 kwh batteries here don’t even take advantage of the full federal tax credit.

At Via, Lutz has already proved to accounting departments the wisdom of a 40-50 mile range on a work truck, with optional power export for those contractors who need incidental welding or powertool power.

GM left to its own devices still insists on wimpy batteries, and while I would like an SUV version of these things, the small batteries available (even 9.2 kwh isn’t big enough seeing as the 2011 volt had 16.5 kwh to start) totaly is a big turnoff for me.

This is all good news. We need more electric trucks and vans. More EVs will create competition, lower prices, increase offering, and save money. Soon we will see the large truck and van users in EVs, then the USPS, FedEx and UPS will follow up with their own.

Hmmm- Can’t find them online! Looks like Vaporware to me! lol

Like a converted prius from 5 years ago?


Thomas J. Thias found it probably a much smaller increase in mpg than via motors but at least its something ..and gm already did this with the hybrid two mode trucks in 09.