Plug-In Hybrid BMW X3 Expected To Launch Next Year

AUG 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

The new BMW X3 will get a PHEV version shared with the new 3-Series

BMW moves forward with its intention to introduce in 2019 a new generation of 3-Series, which will get a significant upgrade in the plug-in hybrid version.

Rumors are that the 3-Series PHEV will be equipped with a powertrain rated at roughly 275hp and 400 Nm. The all-electric range will increase to at least 30 miles (48 km) under the new WLTP test cycle. We believe it could be more than 25 miles (40 km) on the EPA cycle.

The German manufacturer is also working on the new X3, which is expected as 2020 model year in late 2019, after the introduction of the new 3-Series.

X3 for the first time will be offered in a plug-in hybrid version (X3 xDrive30e), with its powertrain shared with the 3-Series PHEV.

The X3 PHEV should give us glimpses of what to expect from the all-electric iX3, as the exterior and interior is expected to be similar.

BMW 330e (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

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Although 25 miles of range covers 60% of the population, this is still a disappointment, as the latest batteries could surely offer 40 miles of real range. Looks like this is PURELY for Government Compliance and not Market Leadership. That’s a management failure.

Euro compliance car, weak sauce.

Looks like a Kia!

Lol, yeah I was looking at the grill and thought WTF are BMW thinking about. They have plenty of models with better looking grills.
If I was is the after market styling business, I would copy another BMW grill, and offer it for every one, and make a tonn of money.

I can only imagine the total maintenance cost on these — BMWs were already so expensive to maintain with only one drive system.

Zero maintenance costs for 3 years… Paid for by BMW.

That’s fine for lessees, not buyers. Resale value still matters to them.

It doesn’t matter if you lease or buy…

If you buy and then try to sell after the 3rd year, buyers will view the increased maintenance as a drawback and the resale value will suffer accordingly.

Buyers are in the minority at BMW…

The hybrid portion of the powertrain isn’t going to be an issue.

Mark the new X3 was just released. The new 3er is next.

There will be a Hybrid and a full electric version as well, and that includes the 3er sedan.

Why does the grill remind me of Kia?

Because it’s a borderline knock off? Like the Chinese car companies that make a copy of BMW, Toyota, KIA and others, and at best make a tiny design change. . .
I don’t see how they can like this design.
Maybe it will grow on me. . .

Didn’t one of the designers from BMW go to Kia? Or did he come from Audi?

They need to work on standardizing the pricing and eliminating the PHEV premium like they already have done with the 530e.

Sorry about this question. But if it is a hybrid, I.e..the engine charging the batteries, then why does it need to be plugged in, or is that an extra option?