Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up 55% In European Union In First Half Of 2015

AUG 11 2015 BY STAFF 11

Every so often, Renault Z.E. issues a Tweet that quite accurately sums up the plug-in electric car sales situation in Europe.

This particular Tweet shows us how much sales have risen in the first half of 2015, as compared to the first six months of 2014.

The biggest rise is in the UK, where sales shot up by 80%.

These figures exclude vehicles like the Renault Twizy, a quadricycle, and include only passenger plug-in electric cars, SUVs etc.

There’s significant growth in Europe, but unfortunately the same is not true in the U.S. where sales have been mostly flat.

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I think these figures correspond to all-electric cars only. If you check SMMT official figures for the UK, the growth rate is much higher due to the jump in plug-in hybrid sales in the UK, particularly the Outlander.

Yes, germany BEV +12%, PHEV around +100% too

I think Europe including UK will be almost all EV before USA will be 5% EV. Europe has a better understanding about the environment, health, personal finance. There may be shorter distance for driving to where most of todays EVs can handle with1 charge a day. Also the price of fuel is a lot more. Along with Tesla making almost the best vehicle money can buy. Evan though close to hundred thousand you start saving immediately if using the charging network for most miles. Because all of us are so used to paying for fuel we do not include it in the cost of a vehicle. We all need to take a closer look on this amount we spend and that also can include maintenance and repairs. Fuel is costly in most countries electricity is cheaper including the batteries when compared to todays gas guzzlers. Electricity is made locally. Most fuel comes from oil from OPEC. EVs are the best way for America to get away from OPEC not this stupid keystone pipeline that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity wants. By the time the pipeline is done there will be a 500 mile battery.


Europe will not be 100% electric car anytime soon.
Yes the distances are shorter, yes gas prices are higher, yes the environmental conscience is higher, yes there are better public transit systems.
But you are forgetting the one huge thing Europeans have that the US is missing : paid holidays.

Typically people do at least one yearly long distance trip to the Mediterranean coast in summer, or two if you can add the trip to the Alps in winter during the skiing season.

These long distance trips require an extensive fast charge network and cars with large batteries that are simply too expensive at the moment, and will remain so for a long time. (think Tesla Model S70, but which has to cost less than 20K€).
The ICE car will keep a very significant market share for a while.

The EV market share is bound for a very long and slow climb as battery prices progressively go down.

The plugin network is expanding, and hybrid sales are being offered in more and more cars.

But, Europe better get on the bandwagon or Exxon and Total are going to import Canadian Tar Sand gunk to be cracked in a Belgian refinery. The only way you avoid that massive pollution source is to Kill Demand for oil.

EU imports of oil has gone down 15% in the last 10 years.

New cars sold have been improving the efficiency every year and is increasing the pace of the reduction in imported oil.

The even more stringent EU regulations for new cars (and for biofuels) will accelerate the decrease massivly.

Only an idiotic company without any market researchers/economists or even someone who can count to 10 would even consider a new investment in a refinery that would add capacity.

Norway will be 100% electric cars very soon. Around major cities there are already a major percentage electric cars. Too many people has experienced the advantages of electric transportation to stop the EV revolution, and they will never buy another fossil car again. The rapid charger network is expanding fast, with new chargers available almost every day, making cross country electric car travel even with today’s Gen 1 EV cars unproblematic. And if Norwegians want to go on long holiday vacations to south Europe, the intermediate solution is to use the 20days of rental car included in the purchase of your EV car. We really enjoy already less pollution and noise in our cities!

It’s good to see BEV sales going up, even if it’s just 55%.

If you look at total plug-ins instead the growth is quite a bit higher.

Terry said:

“I think Europe including UK will be almost all EV before USA will be 5% EV.”

I don’t think that’s a realistic scenario. The pace of EV adoption will be mainly driven by how fast batteries improve, to allow ultra-fast-charging and to make them cheaper, so that BEVs can be cost-competitive with gasmobiles.

That’s going to have far more effect on the pace of adoption than any cultural difference between Europe and the USA.