Plug-In Electric Car Sales UK At 1% Of Market In November


BMW i3

BMW i3

The take off of electric cars sales continues in the UK in November.

The percentage of growth from a low base is outstanding – from 290 to 1,871.

Most of the sales are plug-in hybrids, which with 1,225 registrations, went up over nine times year-over-year.

All-electric cars are at a lower level of 646 registrations, but growth of 124% is strong.

Compared to the 172,327 total passenger car registrations in November, EVs took 1.1%.

UK now has some 18,000 EVs on the roads, from which over 12,000 were added this year alone.

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4 responses to "Plug-In Electric Car Sales UK At 1% Of Market In November"
  1. offib says:

    Very nice! It would be fitting to also note that Ireland has broken the 1% barrier in November too. 1.02%. But it’s an empty victory.

    7 plug-ins sold out of barely more than 700 sold in total last month. It’s still 1%.

    1. offib says:

      Correction: Around 780 in total were sold where 8 plug-ins were sold to break the 1% barrier.

  2. Miggy says:

    It would be nice to see a break down of sales by make and model.

  3. PalleRaa says:

    190 all electrics registered in Denmark in November out of 15050 cars registeret in total. This means that all electric cars accounted for 1,254% of registrations in November. Source: