Tesla Jumps To #1 In Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales In 2018 YTD

OCT 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 48

Tesla is now #1 even in the automotive group rankings.

According to the latest comparison released by the EV Sales Blog, Tesla becomes the biggest manufacturer of electric cars among all automotive groups (even counting PHEVs). That’s an improvement compared to second place two months ago.

The changes concern BYD too, which through record results improved from third to second, and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which fell down two positions from #1 to #3.

Results for the first nine months of 2018:

  • Tesla: 154,123 (12% share)
  • BYD: 137,436 (11% share)
  • Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance: 131,606 (10% share)

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Ranked By OEM – September 2018

In terms of brands origin:

  • China: 47%
  • U.S. 16%
  • Germany: 16%
  • Japan: 10%
  • South Korea (4%)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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48 Comments on "Tesla Jumps To #1 In Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales In 2018 YTD"

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Wow Hyundai Kia is ahead of Chevy? or Chery?

GM has only two plugins (Bolt and Volt) and have sold only 25,000 combined through September. I guess they have the Cadillac CT6 PHEV but it has only added less than 200 to that total in 2018.

So they are off the chart past Chery. In fact Toyota is probably ahead of GM since this is counting all types of plugins. Toyota has sold 20,000 Primes in the US alone so I’m sure their worldwide total is probably higher than GMs total.

GM sold ~ 25k in the US, but also 4-5k in Canada, several thousand in Korea, etc
Still less than 44k apparently , but a fair bit more than 25k

Agree Philip, GM does not even have an EV (Bolt or Volt) in the World Top 20

Chery is ahead of GM/Chevy.

Are you really surprised at that?

Both actually.

Yep. And one of those is mine. The constant noise by some people about Kia and Hyundai not producing in volume ignores a few things. 1. They are launching several products all within aboy 18 months and volume is spread across them. 2. The year over year increase is dramatic. 3. Given those 2 points, the most logical course of action is to satisfy the home market resulting in better profits….similarly Europe. 4. Might as well keep your powder dry for the US 200000 limit. 5. Being fairly new to hybrids and EVs there are still a few linked to work out. Americans seem to be more sensitive to that point. Putting out huge volumes now would put you at downstream warranty costs

That moment when a largely unknown producer with a similar name beats you and people think it’s your company being the last in the statistics only to realize they are actually off the chart.

Why is Toyota so blind?

*insert racist joke about mr toyoda here*

Better yet, don’t


Even as a meta joke, this is offensive. (And you’re a coward for trying to tell the awful non-joke without literally typing the words.)

Be better than this.

You mean an innuendo?

I’ll bite, he’s a crazy rich asian who lives a far better life than you do…

A better life? Idk maybe. It’s pretty hard to quantify a good life.

Now Tesla should seriously try to jump up in vehicle quality rankings.

A bum door mechanism is indeed a frustration, one that I’ve luckily never experienced. IFAIK it’s the main reason for the lowered quality ranking. But it doesn’t bring down the 5-star safety rating or negatively impact battery longevity or range, so I’ll take my chances with it.

You can be sure they’ve been putting a lot of effort into quality already as the Model 3 ramped up. Warranty service hurts their bottom line.

They’ll get there. Just be patient…

As I asked you several times before, please stop using my user name, especially if you post FUD.
Fun fact about shorts: They are so blind, that they don’t recognize what Tesla is actually doing. The growth in battery capacity that Tesla put on US streets during Q3 (and I’m talking only growth and only month over month here, not year over year) it’s awesome cars is higher than the total capacity (yes, total capacity, not growth) of all new BEV and PHEV of all other manufacturers combined (in the very same US market). And to top that, it is higher by a factor of almost two. For three months in a row. Each month. I have never seen anything growing that fast or dominating a market like that, in any field of technology or sales. It’s ludicrous, and about to happen in Europe, too.
I mean, if one makes a cake diagram of battery capacity for September in US, there is a circle consisting mainly of “Tesla” and then some 15 lines of other manufacturers forming a tiny slice, of whom only GM and Nissan are wide enough to actually distinguish the color of their part of the slice.

It’s a failure of the site if it doesn’t prevent duplicate user names IMHO.

That is a problem, all right.

Given that the Tesla Model S always tops Consumer Reports‘ customer satisfaction ratings for all cars, and that the Model X is consistently in the top 10, I’d say Tesla does a durn good job with vehicle quality already!

I think you mean reliability rankings, which is only one small part of quality.

And this is only the beginning as far as I can see. As Model 3 production keeps ramping up and lower end models start competing with non premium EV offerings from other companies Tesla will increasingly own the EV market, with only a few minor production run direct competitors available in the short term and non that could be considered direct Model 3 competitors. Pretty amazing how the rest of the industry is just letting this happen as Tesla even eats their premium ICE market lunch.

Same thing happened with AT&T and cell phones, Kodak with chemical film, Blockbuster with video rental… etc. I say good riddiance to all of them!

Elon/Tesla had the forsight – in part by market necessities – to go all-in up front for the long hall, not just with Tesla’s supercharger network but also GF 1. Might not see a M3 scale direct rollout from any company outside of China for some time.

I’m sure Hyundai, Rennault etc. would love to ramp more quickly – not their fault they’re( battery) supply constrained atm.

If it’s not their fault, whose fault is it? Who kept them from building their own battery manufacturing facility?

They can still do that. As long as it is just tesla, they got plenty of time. One company alone can‘t satify the whole market.

Yeah, just like Kodak had plenty of time to start making consumer grade digital cameras, and BlackBerry had plenty of time to respond to the iPhone.

Bingo. What we’re seeing right now is one of those cases when the usual managerial tendency to play it safe, not take undue risks, etc. was not just the wrong thing to do, but the wrong thing precisely because it was the riskiest.

Eventually we will see Tesla building an insane number of battery cells, modules, and packs, and selling a good portion of them to other car companies that have no choice — they’ll have customers leaving them because they don’t have enough EVs to sell, but they’ll have no other way to get packs to stick in those EVs.

If you think the early stage of this massive market disruption is “interesting”, wait a couple of years. When this baby hits 88 kWh/pack, you’re gonna see some serious s***.

Better yet: when this pack hits $88/kWh

I won’t be happy with anything less than a 1.21 GWh battery pack. I’ll charge at 1C using lighting. Should only take an hour for a full charge.

“…not their fault they’re( battery) supply constrained atm.”

Of course it’s their fault. Every auto maker could have done what Tesla and Nissan did, in partnering with an auto maker to build battery cell factories whose output is controlled by the auto maker instead of by the battery cell maker. (And the night-and-day difference between Tesla and Nissan in their battery factories shows the importance of picking the right battery tech partner!)

But all the other auto makers chose not to. (Exception: BYD was already a battery cell maker before it became an auto maker.)

It’s even more amazing when you listen to the last Tesla earnings call. Musk was obviously upset that there was not one other car company that actually wanted to compete. they are all just puppies laying on their back’s

Next milestone – global car sales, next milestone, global light vehicle sales……

Globally light car and light vehicle is the same…. 😉 Separating cars and cars is a US thing.

Final milestone – Global ROCKETS ! / This car stuff is just a stepping stone for Elon !!!

Space X is doing pretty well on the global rocket front for commercial launches already. I think I read somewhere that their market share is above 50% in that area.

Rockets in underground tunnels

I’ll be the first to welcome the new country of Chin. They came out of nowhere to lead the EV market!

Chin: 47%


Chin: When I need to take something, that’s where I take it!

I guess this means Carlos is going to buy Chery now?

I await Bob Lutz’ comeback. What’s he waiting for? An engraved invitation? I’ll go find my engraving tools.

Plug-ins don’t mean a thing. So what? BMW has a bunch of cars that have a plug that get five or ten miles of electric range. So what?

Only EVs make a difference.

The 530e is a very capable hybrid with a 9.7kwh battery it can handle the daily commute for most people in electric mode but also offers the flexibility of an ice car. It’s like having a little EV for your commute and an Ice car as a backup but all in one! Having a 100kwh battery in your car while driving only 40miles/day 90% of the time is a horrible waste of resources!

Don’t get it. Tesla doesn’t offer one single plug-in. They’re beating the sales figures of plug-in vehicles (90%combustion/10%electric) with BEVs. And that’s the point here. Plug-in is a technology from yesterday.

And only BEV rank? Is there anywhere?