Plug-In Electric Car Sales In UK Went Through The Roof – 6,000 In March!

APR 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Number plate changes in March and September always raise car sales in the UK and that was no different last month.

Just as we predicted, expecting a record high 5,000-7,000 plug-in car registrations, the UK landed at 6,114 electric car registrations in March!

This is over 400% more than in March 2014 and the registrations bar jumped off our graph scale!

Market share for plug-ins exceeded 1.2% of all new car registrations.

The big winner is Mitsubishi, which said that 55% of all plug-ins sold in the UK in March (3,300) were Outlander PHEVs!

“Mitsubishi Motors (UK) confirmed earlier this month that exactly a year after its launch, the Outlander PHEV has now overtaken every other plug-in hybrid and pure-electric vehicle, including the Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Auris and Yaris hybrids. The Outlander PHEV accounted for 55% of the plug-in car market in the month of March[2].”

Mitsubishi Motors (UK) Managing Director, Lance Bradley, said:

“For Mitsubishi, 2014 has been an incredible year of dramatic growth across the Mitsubishi range. We have made impressive and sustainable progress, and as confirmed last week, we are delighted to have broken records with the launch of the UK’s best-selling hybrid vehicle. There is a great feeling across the Mitsubishi network – FY14/15 has been a very special year.”

Nissan can be happy too, as 1,254 LEAFs were delivered.

Plug-in hybrids had 4,209 registrations, while pure electric had 1,905.

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – March 2015

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – March 2015

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Lookin good to double YOY worldwide sales and the US is bound to follow the trend…eventually, given the limited supply.

Double the YoY worldwide sales? That’s not going to be remotely close to possible.

In theory at least, as things are now (too few fast charging stations, battery energy density not so good), PHEV should sell much better than BEV.

Yes. And th ebulk of new PHEVs are yet to come. Wait till the Volswagen XC90, and the Mercedes PHEVs hit the market. The table above shows where the market is headed:
Growth in pure electrics: 131%
Growth in PHEVs: 984% ( more than 7 times faster growth rate)

With expected EU regulations?

PHEVs are one step before BEV.

We are bound to see some good BEVs if only because car manufacturers will have all the required tech/knowledge/manufacturing/supply already paid for!

PHEVs though will sell better!

There is no trend to make PHEVs space age ships. There is no trend to advertise PHEVs with silly features. There is no pressure to make “compliance only!” cars with PHEVs, with too little car quotas*. etc.

* Car OEMs may forego turning profit on 1% if it enable rest 99%. But 10-20% as will be needed to meet new regulations? Must bring profit.

Bit of herding behaviour on the Outlander. Word got around in business circles that the Outlander was a Chelsea Tractor with huge tax benefits, so everyone wanted one. Which goes to show that tax incentives do work.

I saw a promotional video from Mitsubishi right here on insideevs, showcasing all the advantages for business owners with real people. They sure have found a way to convince businesses.

Thanks to customs I now have to wait until early next week to collect my PHEV instead of this Thursday,

Most annoying !

Outlander was 55% of all plug ins or 55% of plug in hybrids?

All plug-ins. See the numbers.

It seems Mitsu works in batches. They flood one country for 1-2 months, then go and do the same to another country.

Regardless, an amazing success with their Outlander PHEV.

And for all those dissing the MiEV: any engineer would tell you that without EV lessons learned from the tens of thousands of MiEVs on the roads for several years, they couldn’t have pulled off the Outlander PHEV so far ahead of anyone else.

@Big Solar: How did you get your hot water heater thermostats to work on the DC from your six solar panels? I’m using a SSR, solid state relay, after welding the contacts on my old thermostats.

Jeremy Clarkson gets canned and plug-in numbers soar? Hmmm…

he got fired?? i hope so…

Yup! I was expecting it over recent years but hearing it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought. Seemed like stupid celeb stuff. Didn’t feel moved, or sorry. Neither will I care if he would be charged or convicted of assault.

I wonder if the March numbers for EU markets will be enough to get Eagle AID to change their overly negative tune.

I’m curious about Renault Zoe sales in the UK since it’s now available with battery included.

guess we’ll have to wait for Jose Pontes over at the EV sales blog, for the detailed breakdown… probably in a couple of days

Regarding UK plugins sales ev-sales blog is not very informative.

Where are the Zoe’s sales in 2015 months?

It will take some month before it might result in increased deliveries.

Excellent news. More and more country are joining the EV revolution. So plugins are closing the gap with hybrids. Nice to read this.

When will this Mitsubishi Outlander be sold in USA.

From what I can tell from Irish sales, the Outlander PHEV won’t be really spectacular here or in the US like it is in the UK. Besides, Mitsubishi US are only expecting 2000 – 4000 sales and not to deprioritise any more valuable markets like Europe.

We (Ire & US) don’t have additional incentives for businesses, which is why the Outlander PHEV is such a success in the UK. As it happens, the Outlander perfectly squeezes through tax exemptions/reductions for businesses. I think business fleet vehicles apply for an £8000 grant there too. They’re also already attractive given it’s highly flexible being an SUV and a PHEV that can drive through the Congestion Charge for free.

All of the ev’s have the same incentives in the uk, volt (ampera), tesla, leaf, Zoe, pip all sit on a level playing field. The big difference is cost, the phev outlander costs around the same as the regular diesel outlanders and around the same price as other similar suv’s in it’s class. I can’t see why if the outlander phev costs about the same as a regular top end SUV in the us why it wouldn’t sell like crazy just as if the gen 2 volt costs around the same as a fully loaded cruze or a top end Prius why sales wouldn’t sky rocket.