Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up By 80% In July

AUG 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Plug-in car registrations in Germany – July 2015 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Plug-in car registrations in Germany – July 2015 (source: EV Sales Blog)

80% of year-over-year growth for plug-in electric car registrations in Germany enabled the second best ever result in July – 1,906. Only March was higher at 2,164.

Sales split almost exactly in half between all-electric and plug-in hybrids – 962 and 944 respectively.

Both types acquired 0.3% market share (total 0.6%).

Plug-in hybrids are gaining momentum, so we expect that they will be more popular in the near future.

Last month, Kia Soul EV set its own sales record for the second month in a row and exceeded 200 units. Tesla Model S was the third best BEV with 132 registrations, just behind 133 non-REx i3. Other BEVs are still dancing around in two-digits.

On the plug-in hybrids side, the Audi A3 e-tron surged to a record of 288, record taking first among PHEVs.

Detailed stats are available from EV Sales Blog.

And here’s a bit on Model S sales.

The situation is improving as average monthly sales increased from around 68 in 2014 to 118 in the first seven months of this year. Model S EVs are delivered in batches, according to demand, but at 1,500 annually (up from 815 in 2014) we believe Tesla is still far from its target.

Tesla Model S registrations in Germany – July 2015

Tesla Model S registrations in Germany – July 2015

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Looks like if PHEV are surging GM pulled the Ampera to early

In Germany an Opel Ampera was the equivalent of $67k.

A Mercedes C350e is $59k. Most Europeans, Germans in particular, don’t care Ampera has more AER.

Unless GM commits to manufacturing the Ampera inside the EU it does not stand a chance in Europe.

$67k? Due to tariffs?

Tariffs, VAT (Value Added Tax), import costs. But probably an unfavorable balance of trade was part of the problem too.

Several good reasons there for GM to start assembling Volt 2.0 units in Europe if it wants to sell them there. But if the Opel badge was part of the problem, as some analysts claim, then they should re-badge the car.

A few small differences in July sales of various models compared to year to date. Audi A3 e-tron outsold Golf GTE. Their combined 499 PHEV sales are a lot higher than the 189 e-Golf BEV sales. As the Audi A3 can be described as a Golf in a business suit, VW/Audi group has 688 sales of the Golf/A3 platform. Kia Soul EV with 211 July sales has moved up to joint second place and out-sold the e-Golf in its home market. The e-Golf & e-Up have modest range, like the Leaf. The Soul EV has longer urban range, although its highway range is limited by not being streamlined. With a choice of more than 20 plug-in cars, you do wonder what the other 99.4% of German new car buyers were thinking. The short answer is the modern diesel is fast & frugal & crude oil prices are low while retail electricity tariffs in Germany are very high at up to 25 euro-cents per KwH. Even with high taxes on road fuel, petrol & diesel are less than 20 euro-cents per KwH in EU member states. Through a cold winter commute, an ICE does at least provides power & heat. There… Read more »


k for kilo, always a lower case k.

W for Watt, always an upper case W just like in the name James Watt.

h for hour, always a lower case h.


K for Kelvin, a unit of temperature. It’s why kilo get a loser case letter.

w for nothing I know of.

H for Henry, a unit of inductance.

w must stand for wireless. It’s obviously some kind of wireless superconductive induction charging with 105% efficiency.

Lord Kelvin would be proud. 🙂

California pge wholesale 4-5c and retail 30c for average home using tier 3-4.

PG&E EV tariff is 11c/kWh from 11pm-7am and no tiers. Obviously much higher during the day.

Nissan LEAF sold only 23 units there in July. I wonder if this will be a trend.

Everybody with an interest in the car knows a version with a bigger battery is coming very soon. Sales are irrelevant until new Leaf arrives later this year.

Kia Soul EV image is distortedis because some dealers from Germany sell their allocated Soul EVs to Norwegian. Kia Europe allocated too much for some countries and too less for others…

Sounds smart to me. Sell them to people who actually want them. I say the same to Americans. If your local Kia dealer doesn’t have one, buy on in California and have it delivered to your door. You won’t owe CA sales tax (7%-10%) if you do it right.