Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up By 72% In September – Kia Soul EV #1

OCT 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

1,967 plug-in electric car registrations in September expands the German market by another 72% year-over-year.

Market share of around 0.7% was achieved for second time in a row.

In total, 929 BEVs and 1,038 PHEVs were registered.

Surprisingly, the Kia Soul EV again was number one last month with 380 registrations!

We understand that a significant (but unknown) part of Soul EVs are technically sold in Germany, but then transferred to countries like Norway. The reason behind that is likely because are not enough Soul EVs assigned/allocated to dealers in other markets (someone lost an opportunity for business it seems), and Kia can get the emissions advantages of the sale inside the EU.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV keeps strong with 208 sales, while Tesla Model S is the second most popular BEV with 133 registrations.  The BMW i3 had 89 BEVs and 75 REx plug-ins moved.

Volkswagen had the most registrations as a brand – 101 BEVs (including 61 e-Golf) and 286 plug-in hybrids (including 150 Golf GTE / 136 Passat GTE).

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – September 2015

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – September 2015

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Norway has much to less Soul EV, so many order other EVs, wait very long although Kia Norway import cars from Kia Germany, last month about 300 cars. Think over 1000 total, so Norway polish Germanys statistics :-D. Actually EV numbers in Germany are bad if remove Soul EV for Norway.

Wow, thanks for an interesting insight! I’ve been wondering about those relatively huge SoulEV numbers for Germany these last couple of months.

Do you think Jose Pontes over at EV sales blog knows about this too?

So, Kia and Hyundai ownership decided Kia would take EVs, Hyundai would take hydrogen. Lookie there…

Except Hyundai is about to start selling a PHEV Sonata.

Hyundai got a raw deal there.

The Soul EV is doing disproportionately well in Canada as well, compared to how it ranks in the US.

We have a fat ass college dropout, ( giving college dropout’s a bad name ), in the US. Do you have idiot radio in Canada?

I think there is a supply problem in the states for the Kia Soul EV. There are only a few states where the EV is even sold. Texas is suppose to be one of the states the EV is sold but the closest one for sale is in Georgia.

So really, Tesla is the number one BEV in Germany, even doing better than BMW.

Yes all those 133 other are tesla model S. I think because of the high allowed speed the expected range for a BEV is lower than the advertised range, the NEDC doesn’t help here either producing unrealistical numbers. Therefore most people buy PHEV or a Tesla ;-). I hope with the increased range the 2016 Leaf goes back into the top 5 EVs.

But still i am somewhat disapointed by the tesla numbers. They are still faaar lower (~120/month) than the expected number of musk to be sucessfull here (1.000/month) and they are only 9. in their class. 🙁 Even behind the (not so big selling) VW Phaeton…

Uhm… what is the one Opel BEV? Spark EV isn’t available here, the Ampera (officially out of sale) counts as PHEV. A Bolt demo car?

In the meantime, I had the chance to do test rides on BMW i3, Tesla S, eGolf, KIA Soul EV, Golf GTE, Toyota Auris, and Nissan Leaf – in that timely sequence. Of all the affordable ones, I liked the KIA Soul EV the most, because I felt comfortable with that car, it has low energy consumption (I had 12.9 kWh/100km avg on my ride, highway & city with air condition on) and realistic range values, whereas the Golf GTE and the Leaf had eaten up a predicted range of 50km already after a ride of 30km. My only point of complain with the Soul was the light coloured dashboard which mirrores in the windshield, but this disturbed me only in the first moments. — As far as Germany is concerned, as a consequence of dieselgate, there are plans to build 10,000 new charging stations throughout the country and 400 along the “Autobahn” (highways). Let’s see, what will come out of these plans. I myself cannot complain about charging possibilities: I have a station 1km from my home with 20kW ChadeMo, 22kW CCS, and 3.7kW AC at the ALDI market, free of charge for 1 hour, from a 30kW photovoltaic… Read more »