Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up Almost 60% In June

JUL 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

German plug-in electric car sales are still pulling up, some 58% year-over-year in June to 1,786.

This time pure electric cars had more registrations (1,032) over 754 plug-in hybrids, but for all-electric cars that’s stagnation, while plug-in hybrids are booming +138%.

Overall, the first half of the year ends at 4,663 BEVs and 4,979 PHEVs and 0.6% market share.

Believe it or not, but in June Tesla Model S was the best selling electric car in Germany! Record number of 224 registrations was enough to secure the top spot, while other models went out on holidays.

It seems also that Tesla Model S is the best selling all-electric car in Germany YTD (nearly 700), ahead of i3 (without REx), Nissan LEAF, Reanult ZOE and Volkswagen (e-Golf and e-up!), smart ED and electric B-Class.

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Tesla not only won the BEV lead (I think for the month as well as YTD) in Germany, but also Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. Pretty impressive considering how low the sales numbers were just a year ago.

wassup w the psychedelic colors?

Someone at InsideEVs has obviously gone crazy over their new graphing software. I don’t mind the day-glo colors, but the use of reversed graphs (going down from the baseline instead of up) and use of opaque areas that hide data behind layers… whoever is producing those graphs wrongly thinks graphs should serve as eye-catching website graphics, rather than being a superior method of presenting useful information. 🙁

…the country-specific graphs are always in that country’s national flag colors. For Germany that is black, white and red


Go, Germany, GO!

Energiewiende…..powered by coal?

Not only by coal, check out the last two days on

and you will easily calculate that during the period 25-Jul 10am and 26-Jul 2pm

over 50% !!!!

of the electricity demand in germany was covered by renewables. That’s not too bad in my view 😉

Well, coal plants will most likely be active here for many years, but their share constantly falls… I remember the days when the official statement was something like “Solar power is not able to produce even 1% of the german energy needs.” Failed big time…

Over the last decades prices for solar modules have fallen A LOT… and I do not see any sign that this trend will soon be stopped.

In fact there are many people concerned in germany that we produce too much electricity, due to renewables, so that the gross market price per kWh is already negative sometimes…

*lol*… so you think the current 1,5% of total german energy coming from solar is all that impressive? 😛

It’s not like they will increase their levels much. So even if it will stay above 1% it’s not much above it.

Germany is still behind the EU average and will most likely not even reach their 18% renewables target for 2020, which in itself is lower than the average EU target.

Germany is still doing a lot more pulling down than lifting up when it comes to emissions and the environment.

I don’t think 1,5% are impressive…

I do think that the values from the period from 25-Jul 10am to 26-Jul 2pm are impressive…

and I do think that the german goverment which originally initiated “Energiewende” has done a good job with that. (Although the following goverments nearly killed Energiewende)

If that were an average production on a yearly basis then it would be fairly decent. Not impressive, but decent.
But then again it’s just electricity which is a part of the total energy. Other sectors are even more lagging.

Could You please stick to PHEVs and BEVs on the opposite sides of Y axies?

That way comparing the two is easy, as well as getting bigger picture like, who’s responsible for growth.

germany is a polluted country not more, with the most expensive domestic electricity in europe, france and uk are by far ahead of germany in EV sales !

“time pure electric cars had more registrations (1,032”
very ridiculous ! france bad 3400 pure electric cars registrations in the same month
germany is a third world country

VW EV sales are 907 YtD. Obviously more than Tesla.