Plug-In Electric Car Sales From 2011 Through 2015

MAY 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

Plug-In Cars Available In UK

Plug-In Cars Available In UK

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

A full five years+ have passed since volume electric cars hit showrooms in major markets.

EVs from being nearly completely uknown for general consumers, become discernable in sales stats. recently present 2011-2015 sales results for major markets a little differently.  Those countries?  China, Europe, U.S., Japan and additionally Canada (who would have expected?).

In 2015 ,plug-in electric car sales increased by about 80% year-over-year to more than 565,000 with over 214,000 in China.

The growth is phenomenal, considering 50,000 in 2011.

U.S. did tiny step back in 2015, although in 2016 so far it has been a return to growth and a new monthly record set each month.

Plug-In electric car sales: 2011-2015 (soruce:

Plug-In electric car sales: 2011-2015: China, Europe, U.S., Japan, Canada (source:


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“Why is this thing so noisy?”
-My 4 year old while being buckled into our Honda Civic on Friday. She’s getting used to the electric car and hadn’t been in a gasser for almost 2 months.

Lol! My 5-year-old asked why the loaner car we had was “bumping”. It was idling at a stop sign.

I guess he would never drive a Dodge Viper GTS then… That car idles with 280HP…

The only country to show a decline or at least a slowing in growth rate is US…

Yeah, gas price has nothing to do with it…

Considering there were low gas prices and sales more or less stayed the same, to me that means market growth.

I don’t know why sales went up in other countries. My guess is they are less sensitive to the price of oil (as they have much higher gas taxes).

This year is definitely going to be a growth year for plugins. Next year will be yuge!

Because other countries still have expensive gas and great incentives for EVs?

Because US gas price dropped significantly and some of the incentives went away or got reduced?

I would also factor in the Euro/USA general IQ ratio.

Well, I didn’t want to go there. But you do have a good point.

At least they don’t have extensive Fox News watching audience over there?

Per capita Europe has less plug-ins on the road, so you are saying on average the IQ is lower in Europe. That isn’t very nice and chances are there are other factors involved.

europeans,and by the way canadiens ,too,expect everything from their Government,and from the others……

The government is the people, chosen by and representing the will and the interest of the people.
We give solidarity and we expect solidarity back, just as it’s supposed to be in any functional society.

Unlike if you build a system on egoism, corruption, ignorance and the lack of compassion and humanity.

Was it gas price or love for SUVs?

Helping question: if X and Outlandere where there for full 2015 how would sales change.

USA simply did not had plugin SUVs.

Gas price is BS. But very convenient to some CEOs for keeping their posts 😉

Anyone bets that next year heads will roll if company won’t have electric in pipeline?

Considering that just one city in Japan has as many people as all of Canada, I’d say we’re doing pretty well, despite the laughable scale that appears here 😉

My memory’s a little fuzzy. Perhaps I should have googled to confirm first 😉
One city has one third to half the population of Canada, at least.
Either way, for the lowest population on the list with long average commutes, not doing too poorly.

Don’t mind me, just having a conversation with myself.
Knew I wasn’t losing it, it’s just a technicality of actual city limits vs metropolitan area
Tokyo region
“A 2014 estimate puts the population at 37,832,892 with more people than the countries of Canada or Iraq.”

Or Poland.

Though if we counted big Polish cities like Chicago or London Poland would pass 40 millions 😉

O Canada… should be per capita!!!!or insignificant entities shouldn,t be compared,prefer Norway!

Europe is not a county though! Haha

An important point for Canada is that 50% of sales are madré in Quebec, and has only 25% of the population,
And that all the electricity is from renewable sources