Plug-In Electric Car Sales Surpass 1 Million In Europe

AUG 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

There are now one million plug-in electric cars in Europe

The European plug-in electric car market reached the milestone of cumulative sales of one million units according to, which summed up sales through the end of June 2018.

The first million in Europe comes ahead of the U.S., which even after July is just above 900,000. China reached the 1,000,000 first, back in 2017.

Sales are growing in most markets at a decent pace. During the first half of this year, some 195,000 plug-ins (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) were sold in Europe, which is 42% more than a year ago. The second half of the year is expected to be stronger than the first, so well over 200,000 is the base scenario.

The average market share in Europe is roughly 2% (2.2% in June). All-electric car sales are slightly higher than plug-in hybrids (51% to 49%).

By the end of this year, expects 1,350,000 plug-in cars in Europe.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Surpass 1 Million In Europe (Source:

In terms of countries, Norway and Germany are the biggest markets, ahead of the UK and France. Germany probably soon will exceed Norway in volume, but there is no contender for Norway’s 37% market share for plug-ins (>50% in peak months).


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I would have liked to see a breakout of this 1,000,000 cumulative total in Plug-In models.

Which Plug-In model had the largest share in that 1,000,000 cumulative total?

Actually a list of the top 25 Plug-In models which had the largest share in that 1,000,000 cumulative total would have been nice to see in this article.

This one million mark was achieved with only a few Tesla Model 3 and GM sales, just wait until next year.
Top 20 list is here:

That is a not what I was asking for.

That is just a monthly list of EV sales in Europe.

That has got nothing to do with the 1,000,000 cumulative total of this article.

It’s all that you need to do it yourself…

I don’t write or publish these articles.

That is great… 2 million coming soon?

God willing, pal!

The next million should take no more than 18 months. Maybe less. Nearly 200k in H1/18, and new European EVs coming to market should cause growth to keep up or accelerate.

Yes, wish to God you’re right. May we celebrate the next million in a year something

16 months I think in worst case. Model 3 coming in Europe early 2019. That should speed thing up! Hyundai Kona also, Kia Soul etc.. And ofc many PHEVs.

Kona unfortunately won’t be produced in numbers large enough to make a significant difference 🙁

What I find interesting is how often normalization is applied and other times, they are not.
For example, CHina has 1.4B ppl, Europe ~.75B, and America is .33B. Yet, China just hit 1B plug-ins less than 1 year ago, Europe with double the population is just barely ahead of America.
If this was normalized on per capita, America has it nailed. But, it is rarely done.

Yeah, the US had a pretty good early start — though more recently, both China and Europe have had higher market share and growth rates… With the Model 3, I guess the US might get ahead of Europe again for a short while?

On the other hand, comparing Europe as one entity against US and China is somewhat arbitrary anyway: when looking at individual countries, Norway for example totally trounces everyone else per capita 🙂

Depends what you’re getting at but I think per capita is not necessarily the most relevant number either. Keep in mind that the US has the second highest car ownership rate of any country (2nd only to San Marino with a population of 33K). China has only 17% as many cars per capita as the US, so this will lower the absolute number of EVs as well.
I think the best sign of EV “success” is EV market share. A country or region with very high market share but low car ownership could still have a low “per capita” score. But what’s wrong with buying fewer cars?

So like 3 million worldwide now?

Yeah, I think that milestone has been declared just weeks ago?…

I suppose that makes me a one in a million kind of guy.

The Plug-In electric vehicle sales will cross 1 million units a year in European region by 2024. A long list of upcoming new EV models is estimated to further fuel this ales growth.

At this pace it’s more 2021 than 2024.