Plug-In Electric Car Registrations In UK Up 27% In January

FEB 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Plug-in electric car sales continue to grow in the UK in 2016 with a 27% increase in January over the previous year.

In total, 2,176 new plug-ins were registered (584 pure electric and 1,592 plug-in hybrid) in January. BEVs rose by 14%, while PHEV increased by 32%.

Market share amounted to 1.28%, which is one of the best results ever, and even the SMMT official statement notes growth of plug-ins:

“Alternative-fuel vehicles also grew in popularity – and market share – with registrations up by 32.1% on January 2015, to account for a record 3.6% of registrations. Petrol hybrids showed the largest growth – up 44.1% to 3,783 cars, while plug-in hybrid demand grew 32.3% to 1,592 vehicles and pure electric cars enjoyed an uplift of 14.1% to 584 units.”

The majority of the sales in the UK are plug-in hybrids and that probably will continue as most of them will qualify for the lower £2,500 plug-in car grant rebate starting on March 1, which additionally increases sales for now prior to the rebate being reduced.

Mitsubishi, who offers the most popular plug-in car in the UK – the Outlander PHEV, reassures us that it’s worth placing an order before the end of February, because buyers still can get £5,000 if the car will be delivered within next 9 months:

” The announcement that the plug-in car grant will reduce from £5000 to £2,500 for plug-in hybrid vehicles bought after 1 March, 2016 has also brought increased interest in the Outlander PHEV from buyers looking to beat the deadline.

The Government’s plug-in car grant scheme allows for a nine-month delivery period, which was introduced to allow for car companies’ different lead times. This means vehicles ordered before the end of February 2016 will still qualify for the full £5000 plug-in car grant, even if they are not delivered and paid for until November 2016.”

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – January 2016

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – January 2016

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

All-electric car sales probably could be higher, but as you know Nissan’s LEAF has been hit with a stop sale in Europe tied to a telematics issue.

It’s probably the main reason why sales dropped in January instead of the expected increase.

137 registrations in January was significantly lower than 319 one year ago and 230 two years ago.



Nissan LEAF Registrations in UK – January 2016

Nissan LEAF Registrations in UK – January 2016

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A great start to the year for Mitsubishi and Chademo in UK. Its seems like a continuation of 50% of the UK plug in vehicle market is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

I have been playing around with some numbers in my spare time to try and work out what % of plugin vehicles you’d need to meet the 2021 emissions standard, I reckon you’ll need about 30% of the market to have something with a plug. The lowest penetration would be around 25% assuming that the ICE average stays at around 130 g/CO2/km. That’s about 60% growth per year assuming we are starting at 1.5%. Obviously if you could knock down the average ICE vehicle then you’d need fewer EV’s but that is easier said than done.

Thanks for the info I find that really interesting. Do you think Europe is going to meet its 2021 emissions standard? I’m not sure we are going to see most countries in Europe get 25% plugin share. I do think they will get ICE average lower then it is now by a bit. Also is the emissions standard a gradual roll in or is it all at once in 2021?

I can’t remember exactly how the system works, not every manufacturer has to hit 100g/CO2/km that’s the average. Manufacturers who make more bigger cars (ie those based in Germany and the uk) get a slightly higher target, those making smaller car (ie Japanese brands) get a slightly lower target. There are also credits for early sales of zero emission cars that can be used towards the first years of the scheme. What I do remember for sure is that if you are over your target by 2021 there are pretty serious financial penalties. As for if I think companies will hit the targets, yes I do. Around 2005 they set the 130g target for 2015 and everyone said it was impossible, it was hit pretty comfortably. The eu test cycle is pretty good for phev’s so I think that will be what does all the heavy lifting, the Germans have moved early as can be seen by all the 10 kWh ish phev’s. I could easily see 20-30% market share for these cars, essentially they are no different to any other ice car. The price of these cars will come down and the price of the 100g+ cars will go… Read more »

Jup, pretty good analysis. 🙂

It is a shame that the UK will not get the Bolt in RHD.

It will get Leaf 2, though. Both will be production limited initially, and both will be available to general public roughly at the same time (my guess is second half of 2017).

Who wants Bolt after GM scandal against Tesla, Leaf production in Uk leads to big home advantage, other EVs play no role in UK sales except the Oultander PEHV.

That’s not true – the Renault ZOE is a big seller in the UK.

Unless the Bolt is a complete flop, it’s pretty much a given that it will, only not in the 1st year. Since GM is likely to be able to sell all of the 1st year production in LHD markets, it saves them some money over splitting the product line into LHD/RHD. Recall that there will be an Opel LHD version… Assuming that sells reasonably well, I’d expect them to start assembly in Europe for the Opels, and then launch Euro-assembled RHD at the same time.

The Ampera-e will not sell well if they screw up the pricing again. My expectation is the Ampera-e will start above 40.000€ making any beemer look cheap in comparison. I hope i am wrong though.