Plug-In Electric Car Price/Statistic Comparison For U.S. – June 2016

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A Cross Section Of Plug-Vehicle Statistics – US Data Provided(click to enlarge)

Phew, the list is getting long!  A cross section of plug-in vehicle statistics – US Data Provided (click to enlarge)

Mercedes GLE 550e

Mercedes GLE 550e

A lot is changing in the plug-in electric vehicle market in the U.S.;  lots of new models, new battery options on current offerings; and as always – slightly different pricing, destination charges and other minute details can be found as a new model year approaches.

Even more of these new offerings are still ahead of us, with Fall launches of important new 2017 model year vehicles, but it’s time to stop for a moment and collect a summary of current manufacturer’s propositions.

Above we have prepared a cross section with plug-ins.

Note: not all the data was available at time of press, and thus some is estimated (as noted in yellow), but overall you should easily find all the interesting data you are looking for in one place.

Additional Bonus:  Below there are two graphs with plug-ins ordered by price (including federal tax credit) and range (EPA all-electric range).


Plug-In Vehicle Price Comparison – U.S. (June 17, 2016) – some models estimated

Plug-In Vehicle Price Comparison – U.S. (June 17, 2016) – some models estimated

Among some of the more significant changes to note:

  • BMW i3 with larger 33 kWh
  • first addition of Toyota Prius Prime
  • 2017 Fusion Energi
  • 2017 Chevrolet Volt
  • all new Mercedes GLE 550e
  • refreshed Tesla Model S/X


Plug-In Vehicle Price Comparison – U.S. (June 17, 2016) – some models estimated

Plug-In Vehicle Price Comparison – U.S. (June 17, 2016) – some models estimated

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If what FCA says is true that all of their cars will have electric + gas (hopefully plug ins), this list will grow really large.

Tesla is still the only one on the podium.

I guess the vaunted Tesla killers predicted a few years ago have failed to materialize, as many here supposed.
Tesla appears to have gone from strength to strength locking in tightly the luxury segment.

The Tesla Killers where always predicted to launch between 2018-2020. That explains why there are no Tesla Killers at the market today…

the comparison table is a good one-stop source for a potential buyer who is seeking comparative data on *ev’s, including tax credit information. is there a hot link somewhere that would allow a person to click to see the latest version of the table?

i just noticed, you’ve already got it.

yupper, we update it a couple times a month, but when there is a bunch of changes and/or we add some graphs, we like to remind people with a story bump

sidenote: For anyone looking for it…you can find it under the “Compare EV” tab in the header

Fantastic charts. Tesla seems to have the lowest cost / KWh and that’s why it sells so well despite the overall vehicle cost being more than $ 70 000.

Lease costs are not always reflective of the sale price. For instance, the Fiat 500e has a MSRP greater than the Leaf, eGolf, Focus Electric and Spark. But the lease on the 500e is much less than all of these vehicles most of the time.