UK Plug-In Car Sales Increased By 6% In February; BEVs Doubled


Plug-in electric cars in UK (Go Ultra Low)

February, often the quietest sales month of the year since it comes just before the number plate change in March in the UK, this year brought with it a 6 percent growth in new plug-in electric car registrations.

In March, the UK could set a record of 10,000 sales!

A total of 1,312 plug-ins were registered last month, representing a 1.58 percent market share.

  • 483 BEVs (up 102 percent)
  • 829 PHEVs (down 17 percent)

Especially interesting is the fact that this is already the second time this year that BEV sales have increased (they were up 73 percent in January), while PHEV sales have fallen for the second time (down 7 percent in January).

On the broader picture, alternative-fuel cars set another sales record, while diesel is going down:

“Following January’s strong performance, buyers registered a record 3,308 alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) in February, a 48.9% uplift on 2016, taking a 4.0% market share. This was partly driven by new AFV models going on sale, a result of major investments by manufacturers into cutting edge, fuel-efficient technology. Petrol registrations experienced an increase – rising 5.8% to 42,826 units – while demand for diesel cars fell -9.2% compared to the same month in 2016.”

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – January 2017

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6 responses to "UK Plug-In Car Sales Increased By 6% In February; BEVs Doubled"
  1. Miggy says:

    GM turned it’s back on this growing market by not selling the Volt and Bolt there.

    1. SparkEV says:

      Because UK drives on wrong side of the road? πŸ˜‰

      1. JIMJFOX says:

        Define “wrong” ;-))

        1. Christian says:

          Not RIGHT side of road. So not right = wrong.

        2. Mikael says:

          The opposite of right πŸ˜‰

    2. John Riley says:

      Whilst the Ampera e would be a great seller in the UK and Gen 2 Ampera. I want to know what has happened to the Gen 2 Ampera in Europe it has gone very quite on the news front.