Plug-In Car Electric Sales In Norway Grab 55% Market Share In October 2018

NOV 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Jaguar I-PACE was the 5th best-selling model in October.

October was another strong month for growth of plug-in electric car sales in Norway. The country is now leaning towards total electrification as plug-ins captured the majority of the market.

In total, some 6,466 new passenger plug-ins were registered last month (up 20.8% year-over-year) at the 2nd highest share ever of 55.5%.

As we can see in the details, customers are shifting from PHEVs more towards BEVs.

  • BEVs: 4,496 (up 69.1%, 38.6% market share) + 1,094 ‘used’ + 146 vans (131 new and 15 used) + 4 FCV
  • PHEVs: 1,970 (down 26.8%, 16.9% market share)

The market leader in Norway remains the same – Nissan LEAF, which noted 1,292 sales in October (#1) and 10,375 YTD (#1).

Our attention was grabbed however by the Jaguar I-PACE, because 441 registrations (581 YTD) makes it 5th best-selling plug-in, following the LEAF, Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3 and Volvo XC60. Sure, Jaguar is filling a queue of orders, but it’s a promising figure for the brand.

Tesla delivered 201 electric cars in October (resting after the 2,016-unit September rush).

New passenger car registrations in Norway, Top 20 models YTD

source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

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It keeps on trucking.^^

FYI: A friend of mine in line for Kia Niro here in Norway just told me that Kia has stopped taking reservations for norwegians. I’m assuming it’s because they are only commited to 2000 deliveries per year and the list has become looooooooooong. For the record, my friend is about 4000th place.

So much for the “Teslakillers”:-)

Niro to? I’ve heard the same story about the Kona. Kona +- 20.000 cars a year.
chinese cars will sell as hell ( if they can produce the quantities there claiming now) .

I cant wait to se what impact a “cheap” Tesla can do in our market next year. If supply is no limiting factor i think Tesla can deliver some thousands a month. Maybe 30% of all car sales in the contry?
Please Elon, offer the hitch option and You will do “insanely” well

Anyone know what the percentage of EVs on the road is in Norway? Total registered EVs vs Total registered cars in Norway?

I think it was reported recently at about 6.5%

And about 3 p.p. more if counting PHEVs too.

How long before range anxiety becomes an issue for ICE owners?

25 years maybe?

Leaf is outselling *all* variants of the Golf combined — BEV, PHEV, and combustion…

Also, tiny Norway saw more Leaf sales in October than all of the US…

Which is not the problem of low demand but of supply constrains and a high focus of EV producers to prioritize Norway above the rest of the world.
Like most other EV’s the Leaf has a waiting list of more than a year in most EU countries including Germany.

Great car, one of the most reliable cars ever made, just make sure the range suites your daily commutes. It is wonderful to see that 3 of the top 4 selling cars are all electric, if I am reading those charts correctly. All that free education over there is paying off. They will have a lot more money in their pockets. We noticed 7 or 8 months after buying our first EV we had thousands upon thousands of extra USD dollars in our baking account. I was no longer spending $75 a week for gasoline for my Titan Crew Cab pick up truck. Lots of great options now, even great options on used EVs. Those tax credits and state incentives are passed on to used car purchasers.

It’s probably very close to 4 og the 4 on top. I almost only see e-golf, and not ICE golf. Give it 1-2 years and 8 out of 10 cars on that list will be electric I think. Toyota should have a pure EV Corolla.