Plug-In Vehicles Sales In UK Up 32% In May

JUN 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 2

While the overall automotive market in UK shrank by 8.5% in May, ahead of June’s general election, the plug-in segment of the market continued to move forward, noting a strong 32% increase year-over-year.

Renault ZOE Z.E. 40

Total plug-in electrified sales in May amounted to 3,117 vehicles registered (17,904 YTD), which is one of the best ever results (that is, ex-annual March surges) in terms of market share at 1.67%.

All-electric offerings still only hold a third of the segment, but are now growing faster than their plug-in hybrid counterparts:

  • 926 BEVs (up 79 percent year-over-year)
  • 2,191 PHEVs (up 19 percent year-over-year)

The great result also helps the overall “alt-fuel” vehicle segment set a new record market share of 4.4% (previously 4.2% in January 2017).

We don’t yet know the individual model ranks; however, the new/longer ranged Renault ZOE ZE and reports of more RHD Tesla sales, likely accounted for the bulk of the all-electric sales.

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – May 2017

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Electric & Plugin vehicle sales in China increase 28% to 45,000 and this is a big increase.

Bravo Britain and Norway in posting increases along with USA. At this point of time, EU is running at 13,000 with many more countries to report.

Expect May to be another high sales month.

This is a good news. We hope that electric cars become more and more important in the automotive market. We need greener means of transport and less air pollution!