Plug-In Electric Car Sales Captured Record 55% Market Share In Norway

APR 4 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Sales of plug-in electric cars in Norway went through the roof in March to a new all-time high.

In total, 8,034 passenger plug-ins were registered last month (up 72% year-over-year), at a record 55.8% market share.

We were expecting an excellent month from seeing preliminary registration data – especially for the new Nissan LEAF, but even we didn’t see this result coming.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – March 2018

Here are the details:

  • BEVs 5,362 (+89%, 37% market share) + 831 ‘used’ + 168 vans (157 new and 11 used) + 4 FCV
  • PHEVs 2,672 (+46%, 19% market share)

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – March 2018

The best selling car for the month and for the year just so happens to be the Nissan LEAF with 2,172up 335% year-over-year and nearly three times its previous record!

The new LEAF alone captured over 15% market share last month and nearly 9% after through the first three months of 2018!

Solid results come from Tesla too – 727 Model X and 676 Model S (despite some problems with deliveries), followed by 528 BMW i3 and 347 Renault ZOE. We don’t yet have a full model list though.

New passenger car registrations in Norway – March 2018 (source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS))

Diesel car market share decreased to 16%, while gasoline fell to 20%.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – March 2018

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Norway’s population is tiny compared to USA. Yet last month more Nissan Leafs were purchased there. Quite amazing.

GM could have sold more Ampera-e in Norway than Bolt EV in USA, if only they chose to build them.

That would require brains and we all know the bean counters at GM are only good at counting beans

In Norway only EVs that are manufactured for profit are sold. Not EVs where price is subsidised by gained ZE credits or EV quotas or fleet average CO2 emissions targets.
Opel was loosing more than €10 000,- on every Ampera-E and that was too expensive way to full-fill the EU average CO2 emissions.
They didn’t even correctly count the beans at GM.

I seriously doubt they are losing money on the Bolt/AmperaE in Norway with a sales price of 430.000 NOK – or 55.000 USD!

So well over one third of all cars (37%) is fully electric, nearly one fifth (19% ) is plug-in hybrid, and a falling 44 is ICEV.

And all this before the real appearace in Norway of Tesla Model 3.

20+16% of ICE cars is just 36%. If 56% is plug-in, 8% is missing.
Or did I misread something?

Non-plugin hybrids maybe?

Yes, hybrids.

Congratulations to Norway – leading the way yet again

Amazing when you look back 5 years. March 2013 looks like about 2-3% from the chart.

The EV market development in Norway since 2013 has been amazing. I think EV proponents in other countries can look forward to a similar positive trend in the years to come. Enjoy!

For many of us Norway is the example of an environment conscious and luckyly rich, however prudent country, where decisions on the future do not depend on “small financial” limitations.

Therefore it is most informative for less affluent nations, what they do. Have a look – despite the plug-in electric car project – at their e-ferry and e-plane initiatives, electric public transport, practice, especially those of Tech City Trondheim.


Well said.

and let me add:
“Norway is a heavy producer of renewable energy because of hydropower. Over 99% of the electricity production in mainland Norway is from hydropower plants.”

All these EVs must have made themselves noticed in the gas sales by now. How much has that gone down over the last couple of years?

Nope, Sales have Home Up signifikant from Last year.
See . I think the PEV Market share regarding all cars in the Road is still below 5%. Since cars average Lifetime = 10 years or more. Last year PEV had reached 2% of all cars in the Road.

Although gas sales did decline 17% from 2012 to 2016. (2017 figures will be on on 12 April – what a great data service!). There seem to be 160,000 EVs amongst 2.6m cars, so 6% fleet share. Inspiring.


“I think the PEV Market share regarding all cars in the Road is still below 5%”

Nope. It’s already 2018… 😉

“the segment’s market penetration passed 3% in December 2015,[14][15] and ended 2016 with 5% of all passenger cars on Norwegian roads being a plug-in”