Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Keep Growing In October


Tesla Model 3 apparently 2nd in October and still 1st after 10 months of 2018.

The three-digit growth rate of plug-in electric car sales that we have seen during the past eight months (February – September) in Canada comes to an end.

The market is still growing fast – by 68% year-over-year in October – but not like over 200% at its peak when the generous $14,000 CAD incentive to purchase EVs in Ontario was available.

In total, some 3,391 new plug-ins were registered in October, which is enough for 2.1% market share.

Previous month (September) was significantly revised up to 5,403 and 3.12% market share as Tesla Model 3 shot to 1,860 estimated deliveries.

The three best-selling models in October were:

  • Nissan LEAF – 640 and 5,121 YTD
  • Tesla Model 3 – 600 and 5,455 YTD (estimated)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 351 and 4,753 YTD

Source: Canada EV Sales

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5 Comments on "Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Keep Growing In October"

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According to the linked site graph the Chevy Volt both generations combines is the all time current reigning champion in Canadian Plug-in sales

Chevy Volt ( gen 1 + 2) = 16,966
Nissan Leaf ( gen 1 + 2) = 10,640

Nice to see the eliminate of Ontario credit didn’t completely crash the ev market. I assume it’s quebec and bc where most of the growth is happening now.

Yes I agree. I’m curious to see how Ontario is doing now without the incentive.

Can you pls break out Ontario figures, if possible … just so we see the impact of the gone incentives.

I for one have Kone pre-ordered, but …. I don’t call myself poor, but I have a very hard time squaring off the math in my favor … the missing 14K is simply too hard to overcome regardless, how much emphasis I put on the desire to not pollute in the first place, before I would even pronounce any savings over running a gas car.

I would think that the Ontario sales must have tanked on Oct, more so in Nov …. or fellow Ontarians work harder than myself.

This number would have increased if Honda Clarity’s were actually available to buy.