Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Dominated By Tesla Model 3

DEC 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 46

With Model 3 in charge, Canada sees a stable 2% market share.

The plug-in electric car sales growth in Canada gradually weakens, but in November it still was a healthy 53% gain year-over-year as nearly 3,000 were sold at 2% market share.

The EV Sales Blog numbers currently indicate 2,936 sales for the month and 40,867 for the year (at an average of 2.2% market share). It’s already well above 2017 sales of less than 18,800.

It’s estimated that Tesla Model 3 noted about 600 sales in November, which would be the highest result for the month (third time in a row for the Model 3 at #1).

Decent numbers were set by the Nissan LEAF (389), Chevrolet Volt (345) and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (299).

Plug-in electric car registrations in Canada – November 2018

Source: Canada EV Sales, EV Sales Blog

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Plug-in sales dominated by the Model 3 anywhere the Model 3 is available in quantity.

Sales increases for 2018 are on a downward trajectory – no doubt because the generous Ontario EV rebates were axed. I bet if you take out Ontario, sales would be up, at least in Quebec and BC, where rebates still are available. Not looking good for Ontario at least while Ford is in power and the Feds sit on their hands with respect to rebates. Ontario is regressing into the Jurassic period.

Yup. I would love to see a federal rebate. With the carbon tax money coming it should be easily doable.

And who funds these idiots’s campaigns?

Not sure because political finance laws in Canada are strict. donations from corporations or unions are illegal.

Good for Canada the US let’s the Koch Brothers donate $400 million to GOP candidates. Adelson also donates $100 million to GOP candidates. Plus other rich donors contribute to the GOP so they can convince the GOP that they care about the middle class.
Supreme court said these campaign donations are legal. Said it’s free speech. Free speech spending millions is free speech.

Perhaps even worse, many or most U.S. congresscritters now spend the majority of their time on fund-raising activities, rather than doing their job.

We should just invite Canada to run the U.S. according to their laws. The U.S. would be considerably better off that way. But of course, the Canucks wouldn’t be foolish enough to take us up on that even if offered… 😉

At the rate illegal immigration is happening, very soon USA might be run by Mexicans

Which probably be an improvement over the good-old-boys network you see now.

Just saw an I-Pace in Ottawa a few days ago. (looked bigger than I thought it would, although not as big as an F-Pace) The source blog reports 20 sold in November.

And people will be saying ‘Kona EV looks smaller than I thought it would’..

to me the Kona Electric looks big but its smaller than the Leaf. I was surprised. I still like it, just surprised.

Those canucks took our tax credit! Build the wall along the Canadian border so we don’t lose any more!

Unfortunately Canada does not have any federal rebates for EVs. A couple of provinces do.

All the more reason why Tesla 3 should only sell in US, at least until end of 2019. But Canada could have all S, X, Bolts they want. They can have Tesla 3 if by off chance all US Tesla 3 reservations are filled, but that’s not likely in 2019.

The Canadian governmental structure is exceptionally confusing when you really dig into it. It’s still a monarchy. It has a separate monarch from the United Kingdom, but it’s always the same person.

I don’t want Canada running the US. Besides, I’m sure the first thing they would do is burn down the White House a second time.

i bet you yanks wish you had our health care system, it’s not free but at least you won’t have to show your bankbook to get a heart bypass.

Apparently, you haven’t heard of Obummer care. We now pay double or triple the old insurance premium each month or else we pay a fine of similar amount. The low income now get almost as bad as Canada free medical coverage through the government. Someone I know who’s on gov’t plan waited 6 months for simple paperwork to get through.

That’s one bad thing about Canada s heath care,people think it’s “FREE” and swamp the emergency rooms for for having a cold/or sniffle, and an MRI diagnostics might need you to get in line behind a dog whose owner has more money to pay cash for that MRI ASAP.

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I also was in for four hours in the waiting room because there a was four car pile-up on highway 69 and they put the people with major injuries ahead of my bleeding cut hand.


Canada will build a border wall, and get Americans to pay for it. 😆

Trudeau is not a poo. Baizuo, sure, but not a poo.

Good one

Lol…it would be in Canada’s interest….

So how does Tesla semi hook-up to 5 SC stations at once.

Presumably the way that some diesel semi trucks hook up to two fuel hoses at the same time… only moreso. 😉

In parallel, not series.

I was trying to figure it out, they must made some sort of adapter.

Hi Tech Custom Extension Cord!

you can hook it up to the Niagara or Darlington or Pickering Nuclear ,Coal has been dead for years

I added one Model 3 sale in early December – pretty happy with it so far!

Congratulations! 🙂

Congrats! Are you going to keep your Leaf?

Yes we are keeping the Leaf too – details in my blog, but TLDR; version is that we can sell our Subaru for about what we would sell the Leaf for, and yearly operating costs are significantly cheaper on the Leaf. So at 175,000 km and 82% capacity it has retired to an easy life of local driving about 7,500km/yr. I’m interested to see just how long it lasts 🙂

From your blog, “I didn’t tell you which car we are buying, nor did I intend to haha!”

Such a tease!

How are you liking your Bolt? Do you still update your blog? (I’ve lost the address…)

The sales figure for Honda clarity is pretty sispect.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Was only 12 in October 2018. I suspect they have limited manufacturing and are directing all to the USA right now. Might have been worried about tax credit threat from Trump.

Jean-Francois Morissette

They probably sold enough for the zero emission law in Quebec so now they are done for the year…

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I wouldn’t call that dominated. It’s not even 25% of the market. Hardly Prius=Hybrid of years past

And there is still no financing from Tesla.
Tesla is always competing with one hand tied up.

You mean leasing?
Many manufacturers don’t have their own financing and let the big banks take care of biz. I knew you were a foreign troll.

Most major manufacturers in the USA have in house financing.

As in GMAC – General Motors Acceptance Corporation – that Financed my 1981 & 2005 GM Purchases! (* plus 1987 & 1991)

So, when Tesla is moving 4-5 Million Vehicles a Year, maybe they can set up the “Bank of Tesla”, or TMAC (Tesla Motors Acceptance Corporation!), too!

“The EV Sales Blog numbers currently indicate 2,936 sales for the month and 40,867 for the year (at an average of 2.2% market share). It’s already well above 2017 sales of less than 18,800.”

About 60,000 as an annual total of Plug-In sales in Canada should be an achievable target in 2019.