Plug-In Electric Car Registrations In Germany Almost Hit New Record

FEB 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 14

Germany missed the previous record from March by less than 50

The year 2019 began in Germany with 6,767 new passenger plug-in electric car registrations, which is 20% more than a year ago. The market share increased to over 2.5% (new record).

All the growth comes from all-electric cars, as plug-in hybrids decreased for the fifth consecutive month:

  • BEVs: 4,648 (new record) – up 68% at ≈1.75% market share
  • PHEVs: 2,119 – down 26% at ≈0.8% market share

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – January 2019

The three top-selling models in January were:

One of the higher results was noted by Audi e-tron (407), but there were no customer deliveries in January.

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14 Comments on "Plug-In Electric Car Registrations In Germany Almost Hit New Record"

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A French car that beats 2 Germans cars on their own market. Bien fait Renault

I think what you meant to write is “Bien joué Renault”. I guess you wanted to translate “well done”.

In french when we say “bien fait” without something else, it’s often when something bad happened to something / someone and we think it was deserved.

How has audi sold that many hybrids? Do the 48v vehicles count?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Yes, mild hybrids count. Minimum requirement would be operation with engine off while in motion, so simple stop-start systems (occasional called micro hybrid) don’t count.

Can’t wait to see how many Model 3’s they gobble up!

Kinda amusing to have the etron in the top 5 without being sold yet.

There must be thousands of Audi dealerships in Germany alone. Since they all need a demonstrator car so people can actually look, feel and drive what they are going to order it isn’t much of a surprise. After all, you can’t cancel the order without repercussions in a build to order market. They are all custom made.

Totally makes sense, I still find it amusing.

The 407 Audi E-Tron-55 are press cars and dealership show-room cars, customer deliveries will start in March (if not delayed again).

Hitting a near record in 1st month which is typically a weak month is really great.
Now they are getting concerned about Tesla. Let the sales increase.

Congrats on Renault to be #1 in German market.

Well I expect Tesla to be the number 1 seller of BEV in Germany for the month of February.

I can’t see February being more than a trickle 100-200 maybe. It will probably go to nordic countries first.

March it will be game on but it will still take a few months. Needs to knock traditional Merc C Class and BMW 3 series sales about on the continent for there to be a response.

Looking at the gCO2/km in the chart, these companies are in for very brutal fines. As a whole, they have 158,7 gCO2/km, while EU rules allow only 95g/km from 2020 onward (calculated across all cars sold for each manufacturer).

Each additional gram will cause €95 fine per gram per car. That will be additional €6k per car in costs. Talk about double whammy, not only will they have to invest heavily in EVs, but they will have to increase prices significantly to cover fines.

Sounds harsh. Even Toyota with 2/3 hybrid sales is 30% above.