Plug-In Hybrid Rolls-Royce Is Certainly Coming Within 2 Years


Experimental Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric

Experimental Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric



Rolls-Royce revealed to Auto Express that while a pure electric vehicle is “something very true to the brand,” a plug-in hybrid Rolls-Royce is coming first.

A BEV may someday be in the cards for Rolls-Royce, but first up within two year’s time is a plug-in hybrid.

Richard Collar, Head of Bespoke Sales and Marketing for Rolls-Royce, stated:

“We look at all the trends, the trend for hybrid and electric vehicles but the question we have to ask is, is this something our customers want?”

What Rolls-Royce customers don’t want is a short-range electric vehicle, but those customers do like electrification.  As Collar explained:

“We took their feedback very seriously and all our customers loved it. The electric powertrain is something very true to Rolls Royce, it’s effortless, there’s huge amounts of torque and it is perfectly quiet.”


Rolls-Royce PHEV Coming Soon

Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos stated that a plug-in hybrid Rolls “will be essential within two years,” which to us implies that Rolls-Royce thinks it’s sort of being forced to develop a plug in.

BMW Group owns Rolls-Royce, so much of the development for a plug-in hybrid powertrain has been completed.  It’s believed some form of the BMW i8 plug-in system will find its way into a Rolls-Royce, perhaps with even more power on tap though to make up for the added heft of the future PHEV Rolls.

Source: Auto Express & Autocar

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

A Rolls with 200kW worth of free-piston linear motor as a range extender, 40kWh battery and a Spark EV-class motor at each wheel would be a world-beater.


I don’t know if a free piston generator would have the refined sound a Rolls needs.

I think they’re so large, heavy, and expensive that they should pay Tesla $100k a pop for a 170kWh, 540 kW AWD drivetrain (basically double up on the Model S) with supercharger access. They should get 500+ miles range with that and shocking performance.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Presumably, between it, the exhaust-gas generator turbine and the mufflers, it should be pretty silent, as one would expect a Rolls to be.

OTOH, perhaps in keeping with their long-lost sister company’s jet heritage, they could use a turbine instead.


Maybe that is what BMW was discussing with Tesla? Source a 85Kwh battery pack and supercharger access to BMW.


FINALLY, an EV for rich people. 🙂


I’m not a supporter of Tesla doing custom drivetrain partnerships for low volume efforts like the Toyota and Mercedes deals. They waste resources and don’t bring much revenue for Tesla’s current position. That said, a joint effort with Rolls-Royce would be worth it for both companies. Tesla could offer their next gen largest pack, Supercharging, Superchargers, and perhaps drivetrain. Rolls-Royce could fund some of the R&D for the new pack and pay a premium for the components. Rolls gets a top of the line EV capability with minimal investment, mitigated range issues, and some good publicity.


ohh…performance too


clicked for girl, no pic of girl, disappoint

Jay Cole


John Hansen

You, sir, are a real American hero.

Mart Shearer

They needed something to detract attention away from the square front.


Bricks on wheels are so disappointing…


The electric range only need to get the owner to the airport. I doubt a rolls owner is taking any long road trips. And jeevs can charge at the airport before heading home.