Plug-In Hybrid Mercedes-AMG Project One Sold Out In U.S.

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Mercedes-AMG Project One Rendering

$2.4M Mercedes-AMG Project One Sold Out In The U.S.

Only 275 cars will ever be made.

The F1 car for the road is no longer available in United States where Mercedes-AMG stopped compiling a list of potential customers exactly one month ago, according to Road & Track. Those fortunate enough to have their names on that list will have to patiently wait and see whether they’ll be making the cut as the company will handpick buyers.


Mercedes-AMG Project One Is World’s Most Radical Plug-In

To join this elite club, you’ll have to be a longtime Mercedes owner and also to convince them you will actually use the car rather than store it for a period of time and then flip it for a profit. Production is going to be capped at just 275 units, with an announcement regarding how many U.S.-bound cars are planned to be made next month.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Believed to cost somewhere in the region of $2.4 million, the Project One was shown behind closed doors last month at the Geneva Motor Show. It wasn’t the final version, though. Melissa Witek, a project manager at Mercedes-AMG in charge of the hypercar, has revealed the car exhibited in Switzerland had about 85 percent of the final design.

Deep-pocketed customers who will be asked to sign their names on the dotted line will buy the car straight from Mercedes-AMG. All owners will be given the opportunity to select the desired dealer for taking delivery of the prized possession and to have it serviced.

Speaking of having it serviced, the Project One with its 1.6-liter V6 engine adapted from Mercedes-AMG’s W07 F1 car will generate a first-world problem for those 275 owners: After about 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) of use, the 1,000-hp engine capable of revving up to 11,000 rpm will require some extensive work.

The world premiere is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but customer deliveries of the all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid machine won’t begin until 2019.

Source: Road & Track

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11 responses to "Plug-In Hybrid Mercedes-AMG Project One Sold Out In U.S."

  1. Scott Snyder says:

    Presumably part of the selection process will be whether the state the buyer takes delivery in allows for direct sales.

  2. arne-nl says:

    Will it beat the P100D 0-60?

    1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      Or Lucid?

    2. Ben says:

      Who cares 0-60?

      Have a look:

      Oh wait, Teslas “fastet car in the world” is not there? Right, it actually got 8:50 which is a minute slower than a VW Golf GTI costing just 25k.

      1. james says:

        Quickest, not fastest. Fastest is the Bugatti Charon in the upper 260’a iirc.

        Quickest is acceleration. There will be some debate if you consider the new Demon car.

  3. Dr. Roger says:

    copy cat version of the ultimate Porsche 918!!!!

  4. Someone out there says:

    1000 hp from a 1.6 liter engine? That’s a lot!

    1. ModernMarvelFan says:

      Very typical for formula one or LeMans…

      But those engines have limited “run time”…

      Maybe the warranty comes with engine rebuild every 3 months. =)

  5. unlucky says:

    That rendering is not an F1 car. It’s far, far closer to the CLK-GTR. the roofline is near identical. Someone just stuck the F1 billboard fin on a CLK GTR.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t have the aerodynamic quirks the CLR follow-on had.

    Definitely an esoteric project here. Putting in an engine with such a short expiration date.

  6. Dan says:

    Silly, ugly var – who cares?

  7. Martin Winlow says:

    “Those fortunate enough…” Those stupid enough, you mean!